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Disappointed by The Game Awards this year? Here’s a fantastic alternative where you can explore actual indie titles!

Indie Cup

The Indie Cup started in 2016 and originally focused on independent developers based in Eastern Europe; it focused here primarily because the founders are from Ukraine. This version continued from 2016 to 2022 with an increasing number of participating countries.

In 2022 the event was relaunched as a global celebration of independently developed games, with dedicated editions including the UK, Germany and Canada. Over the past seven years, they’ve managed to showcase an incredible 2,300 indie titles!

Indie Cup’s mission was to build a digital space that supports and celebrates the many talented and hardworking people creating amazing games. Because games take such a long time to make, the showcase is for games that are still in development. It is 100% free for developers to enter the Indie Cup.

Winners receive a digital badge for use on their Steam pages and other marketing material.

Canadian Edition 2023

Black background with a red wisp. White text in the middle stating Indie Cup Canada '23 October 12-November 22
Canada! That’s where I live!

This year there was a Canadian edition of the Indie Cup in my social feeds and decided that I wanted to get involved. I have been an indie game content creator for 3 years, and I wanted to contribute. As a juror I was to shortlist a minimum of ten games from the showcase entrants. The games I chose were ones that appealed to my tastes in art style and narratives. Eleven games made it to the finals, and jurors were to leave written feedback for each game, as well as giving it a numerical rating from 1 to 10.

The Winners

Black background with a red trophy in the bottom right hand corner. Text reads: Indie Cup Canada'23 - Meet The WinnersThen shows 5 thumbnails of games. In order they are: Ete, Lil Guardsman, Spirit City, Clam Man 2, and Worship
Winners of the 2023 Indie Cup Canada edition!

The Most Anticipated Game Award went to Été from Impossible Studio. It is a gorgeous, watercolour painting game set in Montreal, Quebec. It has some adventure and puzzle elements to it.

The Critics’ Choice Award went to Lil’ Guardsman from Hilltop Studios. It is a game with a similar premise to Papers Please in which you act as the security guard, assessing each visitor to see if they pose a threat to the city. The narrative changes with the decisions that you make so be very observant!

The Rising Star Award went to Spirit City: Lofi Session from Mooncube Games. It is a game that provides a peaceful, customizable environment with relaxing music. It also has features to help with productivity.

The Most Promising Game Award went to Clam Man 2:Headliner from Sideby Interactive. It is a game that is a combat free RPG featuring comedy and adventure!

The Community Choice Award went to Worship from Chasing Rat Games. It is a game with similar mechanics to Pikmin, but is just a little more bloody.

If you’re looking for more phenomenal indie game content, consider taking a look at entries to the Indie Cup!

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