Humble Monthly Games for September Aims For All The Genres!

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O boy loyal readers do we have a treat for you! If you are not familiar with you need to be. The proceeds from there sales of video games, books, software help support various charities. This month’s Monthly subscription bundle is supporting the WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and comes with  amazing titles like Sniper Elite 4 , Tales of Berseria, Staxel, and a mysterious game to be announced. You can also choose to exchange those games for Rise of the Tomb Raider. So you got some serious options!

sniper elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is an FPS unlike any other game. Take aim and see where the bullets hit as you watch organs become pierced and explode with great detail (including some score bonuses for hitting below the belt). Tales of Berseria is another amazing entry into the Tales of game series. Featuring the well crafted combat system if your a fan of JRPGS then I can not recommend it enough! There are just two days remaining for the early unlock so get in there. Staxel is a multiplayer farming sim! With  cute 8-bit graphics and a myriad of task to complete Staxel is sure to hold you and your friends attentions! There is also a mysterious game that is revealed during the month.

The Bundle for the month of August came with Forged Battalion, A Hat in Time, Konda, The Escapists 2, Conan Exiles, The Surge, Sudden 4 Strike,  Pathologic, and Woten. So if this is of interest to you the price for a monthly subscription is just $12 dollars a month and you are guaranteed to get at least $100+ with each monthly bundle, and on top of all this awesomeness you also will support us here at Thumb Culture by using our link below! So click away shop on their sales, get your games at a discount, support charities, and support your favorite gaming news and reviews website (PSSSTTT ITS US!) Happy Gaming!

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