Hello Neighbor, Party Hard, and More Announced for Nintendo Switch

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Publisher, tinyBuild have announced six of their titles are heading to the Nintendo Switch this year, and there’s apparently more to come. Following on from the news that tinyBuild were to announce six titles heading to the Nintendo Switch, the live stream event that was held over the weekend saw the names of the titles officially announced.

The Final Station is one of those titles announced, a side-scrolling shooter in which the player wanders around a train in a post-apocalyptic world trying to uncover what happened to the world. The Final Station is looking at a February release date and will include The Final Traitor DLC at launch.

Clustertruck is a wonderfully simple first-person jumping platformer in which the player jumps across a huge flow of trucks to reach each stages end goal. The levels take on bizarre twists, with even more odd power-ups that can be assigned. Clustertruck will be aiming to arrive on the Switch in March.

Punch Club is a boxing management title with retro themed graphics and a story about finding out who murdered your Father. The title see’s players taking part in brutal fights as well as performing tasks outside of the ring. It’s due to arrive in May along with The Dark Fist DLC included.

Party Hard is a gruesome solution to ending a party next door…players take on the role of an annoyed neighbour who aims to eliminate all the party goers at various parties. It’s played from a top-down perspective and is due to arrive in the Summer. Streets of Rogue fires action-packed bullets at enemies as players go into bullet-hell from a top-down perspective. It doesn’t hold an official month, but the release date is expected to be later this year.

Hello Neighbor is the title I expected to see coming to the Switch given that it’s one of the titles tinyBuild seem to be well known for. It’s a first-person thriller title with players sneaking around a blokes house to try and find out what he’s hiding in his basement. The AI learns from your tactics and attempts to stop you. It’s due to arrive at some point this year, and also the most expensive, due to be $39.99 with every other title listed above at $14.99 It’s also stated that there are due to be more Switch titles from the Publisher being announced soon.

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