Hades II Early Access Update

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It’s been almost a year since Hades II, the sequel to Supergiant’s critically-acclaimed rogue-like Hades, was announced at The Game Awards 2022. At that time it was confirmed that the game would first release into Early Access in 2023. Today, Supergiant have announced further information about that plan.

If you somehow missed the awesome Hades, you can read Jason’s review right here. Then go buy it and play it, it’s a masterpiece.

Hades – A Game So Good They Made It Twice

When it releases, Hades II will be Supergiant’s first ever sequel to a game. This time the story will focus on Melinoë, immortal princess of the Underworld. Chronos, Titan of Time and father of Hades and Zeus, has escaped from the Underworld and is on a mission to destroy Olympus. Melinoë will need to rely on her powerful sorcery and weapons to attempt to defeat Time itself.

Early Access and Technical Testing

Hades II will be entering Early Access in Q2 2024 and will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. When it does, you can expect at least as much content as was in the Hades Early Access Steam launch. This is an important piece of information as the Steam Early Access release was a year after the Epic Games Store version. I expect the initial offering this time round to be fairly substantial.

Action screenshot from Hades II. Melinoë attacks enemies in a dark, swamp-like location.
Melinoë in action.

During the Early Access period major updates will release, adding in further content and addressing player feedback, leading up to an eventual Hades II v1.0. Although it’s unknown how long the Early Access period will last I’d expect between 12-24 months. No matter, with their track record of releasing fantastic games I’m more than happy to let them cook.

Also in Q2 2024 there will be a Technical Test involving a smaller amount of players – using a less content rich version of the game – to iron out some final bugs prior to the Early Access release. If you want to express interest in that test keep your eyes on Supergiant’s social media and Discord server closer to the time.

You can add Hades II to your wishlist on Steam and/or the Epic Games Store now. You can also join Supergiant’s Discord and mailing list to stay up-to date with the news. Of course, you can also keep an eye on our socials and we’ll bring you the latest news on Hades II and plenty of other brilliant games.

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