Insurmountable Update 2.0

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Roguelike Mountaineering Adventure Insurmountable climbs to new heights with version 2.0 coming soon

No river too deep, No mountain too high

Developer ByteRockers Games has received fresh support from Publisher Daedalic Entertainment. In a joint announcement, the new 2.0 update has been revealed.

Update 2.0

Three climbers are available in Insurmountable, each with a different background. As the character climbs, the vitals of the character is always monitored to ensure that they do not fall below the critical level. An unpredictable weather system, day/night cycles, and randomly generated events complicate this task. It’s up to players to make the right decisions. It’s up to players to make the right decisions.

Not the time to realise you’re missing some equipment

Prior to version 2.0, a single run consisted of successively climbing three mountains with seamless transitions between them – the player kept the items and upgrades they acquired on every run. Once all three were conquered, the game was over.

Since the 2.0 update, players can now complete the three mountains as which are your main missions. There are also 10 to 12 side missions. Rewards from each mission strengthen the climber for the rest of the run. The game length was also extended to account for the need to complete side missions which strengthen the player for the main missions.

Conditions can change in an instant

Insurmountable is currently available on Steam, with the 2.0 update going live on April 14th. At the same time, the game will also be available on GOG and the Epic Game Store. 

Check out the Update 2.0 trailer below

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