FIFA 22 ULTIMATE TEAM SpecialEffect Charity Kit

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Electronic Arts are supporting charity partner SpecialEffect by featuring an exclusive FUT kit in FIFA 22

It’s everyone’s turn to play

The kit will go live in-game on Monday 11th April at 6 PM BST. It is a reward for a weekly objective in FUT 22.

Who Are SpecialEffect

A UK-based charity known as SpecialEffect provides control setups designed specifically for people with physical disabilities who love to play video games. FIFA is among the games most requested by those they assist.

SpecialEffect’s kit will be unveiled at local professional club Oxford United in a ceremony that will also feature beneficiaries of the charity, and the Premier League Trophy will be on display thanks to EA Sports.

Making Gaming Available For Everyone

SpecialEffect is a charity that I am passionate about. When I first met Dr Mick Donegan and the team was at  EGX in London in 2012. Above all, the passion for making gaming accessible to all was evident after speaking with them. I met some children who had been assisted, which was a great pleasure. My experience was deeply humbling and reminded me how important the little things I take for granted are to those children.

Dr Mick Doengan had this to say

We’re immensely grateful to EA for this wonderful gesture. For many years they’ve been major supporters of our work in levelling the playing field for people with physical disabilities, and the increase in global awareness of our work that the kit will bring is very much appreciated. When I started the charity fifteen years ago, I could never have dreamed that we’d be honoured in this way through the most popular game series ever

Fifa 22 is available on the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and PC. Please take a look at the trailer below for SpecialEffect and give them a follow on Twitter @SpecialEffect


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