Fenimore Fillmore: 3 Skulls Of The Toltecs Pc Review – Remastered Classic Or Tired Old Gunslinger?

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If you grew up during the 90’s you’d have struggled not to have played a point and click adventure. I’ve certainly played my share and loved most of them being a fan of puzzle games as a child, so I was very much looking forward to exercising my mouse clicking finger once more!

Fenimore Fillmore: 3 Skulls of the Toltecs is a remaster by the Casual Brothers of the original 1996 game.

Set in 1860’s Arizona you play as the game’s namesake character Fenimore Fillmore – Gunslinger, after witnessing the attack of an old man named Buck and then accidentally poisoning him with hair tonic, you recover the Toltec skull before being ambushed yourself. When you come to your senses the treasure is gone, taken for safekeeping by a Friar and so begins

your adventure…


Just like any point and click adventure, the main gameplay mechanic is clicking on objects and people in the game, then figuring out what to do with them or say to them, in order to discover what to do with the next object/person to then advance the story. This isn’t always made clear to the player, so although veteran’s of this genre of the game may not experience problems, new player’s may find this frustrating.  A nice touch would’ve been to have lent some assistance to players, by highlighting objects you can interact with, else you need to watch the commands at the bottom of the screen, lighting up as you pass over objects. It’s also not clear sometimes which path to take in conversations, one particular conversation for me, was with a French guard at the fort, picking the wrong dialogue choice resulted in me being effectively locked out of gaining an item. I also would have preferred an alternative to the implemented auto-save feature, not being able to save when and where I wanted to, frustrated me.


Welcome to Big Town.

Initially, the game looks great, I played at 1600×900 on an LCD monitor, using DVI connection and it looked great. The more I played, however, a few graphical bugs showed themselves, from jagged edges to blurriness and stuttering. The one thing that bothered me a little was at the start of the game the dialogue was running while the game cut to the credits, I’d of preferred the credits to have shown during the cut scene so I could still see what was happening. A nice touch the developers have left in is the ability to revert the game back to its original graphics, although this also isn’t made that apparent.


The sound is where I feel the game is let down, and this bothered me a lot and took away a lot of my enjoyment for the game. What did please me was that the original voice acting appears to have been left in, however, a lot of the time during cut scenes the levels are all over the place, which made it difficult for me to hear dialogue, the voice, sound effects and music seem out of sync in places and this left me with a bad experience.

Searching an Indian camp.


Would I recommend this game? Yes and No, If you are a lover of puzzle games or looking to re-ignite your flame for point and click adventures then yes, if however you’re new to the genre, or haven’t played the original then no, in my opinion there are better remasters of 90’s point and click games, and there just wasn’t enough nostalgia for me to forgive the games faults. Maybe given my past history of point and click games, I went into Fenimore Fillmore with too high an expectation for it to meet that said I give this game the Bronze Thumb.

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