Enlisted Exiting Closed Beta – Entering Open Beta!

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Enlisted, the world war 2 first-person shooter from Gaijin Entertainment will soon be leaving closed beta access and entering open beta. From April 8th 2021, the game will be in open beta for all to join and play.

The updated version of Enlisted will bring an influx of new players to the battlefield, a completely new meta-system, new vehicles, weapons, and missions.


I definitely look forward to this update.

Read the official press release below:

Gaijin Entertainment announces that the military online shooter Enlisted (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S) has almost finished its Closed Beta Testing phase. The game will be ready for the influx of armies of new players from April, 8th. The updated version of Enlisted will feature a completely new meta game system, as well as new missions, vehicles and weapons.

Enlisted players control infantry squads, tank crews or aircraft pilots that fight together in the epic battles that re-enact the most famous battles from World War II. Two huge campaigns (Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy) were introduced during the Closed Beta Test, and they already included dozens of air and ground military vehicles. The update will bring more interesting historically accurate war machines, i.e. US P-38J fighter, Soviet RM-50 mortar, German Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H. tank and others. Enlisted will be getting regular updates in the future, bringing new content and whole new campaigns.

Hundreds of changes were implemented in the game based on CBT player feedback and battle data. These include improving soldier AI, polishing weapons and vehicle balance, tweaking the maximum number of soldiers in various class squads. The progression system will be significantly reformed, the influence of random mechanics will be decreased and players will get more control over the leveling up process. Completing battle tasks to move forward through the Battle Pass levels will be rewarded with unique weapons and high level soldiers, as well as vehicle skins, experience boosters, in-game currency and more.

The PlayStation 5 version of Enlisted works at 4K@60FPS and is practically identical to PC and Xbox Series X|S variants.

You can follow the latest Enlisted Closed Beta Test and other news on the official website of the game: Enlisted.net.

A few of the Thumb Culture staff have played this together and it’s a great game, check out Sams preview here. Have you played? Will you play the open beta? Let us know down below.

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