Electrician Simulator – Prologue Is Out Now

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Electrician Simulator – Prologue Is Out Now. The launch of Electrician Simulator is getting shockingly close as the Prologue is available now.

Ready For A Shockingly Good Time

Electrician Simulator lets you live out your dream of being an electrician without the risk of getting shocked. The full game is due to be released on PC in early 2022. But the prologue First Shock was released on the 6th of January. The game will also be released on Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch later in the year.

A young apprentice in the art of electrical repairs and installations is now ready to embark on his own adventures as an aspiring professional.
Start off with small jobs and progress to very large and complicated installations. Repair and rebuild appliances, upgrade tools and explore the world of a busy electrician.
Varied types of jobs will keep you on your toes while you learn about the basic rules of providing power to your home or workshop.

Put The Lights Back On

There are a lot of features that are to appear in Electrician Simulator but listed below are just some of them

Orders – Experience interesting settings and different customer needs in varied job types.
Progress – Upgrade equipment and unlock more complex missions.
Skills – Master the mechanics of building an electrical network and fixing appliances.
Creativity – Create your own experience by using the mechanics to play how you want.

Head over to Steam now and pick up the prologue https://store.steampowered.com/app/1080020/Electrician_Simulator/

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