Fractal Design Torrent Case Review

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The PC gaming components market is flooded more than ever, from cheap fans to cases that are out of this world. There is something for every build and budget. However, functionality is where we need to be looking and that’s where Fractal Design come in. Not only do they have an epic product lineup design-wise, but they are also extremely functional. Today we take a look at the Fractal Design Torrent case.

Upgraded To A Cooler Case – In More Ways Than One!

So join me as I move from one Fractal Design to another and hope for a smooth ride with no problems on the horizon. As always, let us know your thoughts on this case in the comments at the bottom of the page.


Fractal Designs without a doubt have previously released some of the best-designed cases for gaming. Providing not only a sleek design but ultimate cooling to keep your temperatures low. The Torrent case comes in various colourways, all subtle including black, white and greys. All look extremely slick, however, it is all about what you are wanting from a personal perspective. All black, all black with tempered sides? The choice is yours.

To the front, there are the interface inputs providing ease of access for plugging in your peripherals. To the front of the case is where the design party is happening. With its bold front grill detailing, If turned on the side and mirrored it would look like something off an American muscle car.

Let’s open it up!

In terms of the side panels (both sides), there are two options, steel or tempered glass. However, the latter is only available on the RGB version of the Torrent Case. Obviously, it would be a bit strange to provide an RGB case for it to be only covered up. Obviously, if you enjoy a bit of closed-off RGB you can install this later yourself. Whether that be via components or strip lighting.

As the case is all about airflow the rear of the case has a fully honeycomb-esque cut-out pattern. Allowing the hot air to escape and allowing the cool air to enter. With fans just about everywhere on this case, the cooling throughput is phenomenal.


This is what you are probably the most interested in, especially if you have seen the case previously. Let’s be honest it looks visually stunning, so let’s get into what it offers in terms of build.

Let’s first take a look at the cooling options on this case, with seven mounts in total (using 120/140) fans there is an abundance of space for cooling. Not only that if you are a 180 fan this case is also compatible with up to four mounts available. Three of them are located at the front (two is using 180’s), one to the rear (120/140 only) and then another three on the bottom of the case. Obviously, if you opt for the RGB version then Fractal Design does include a set of Prisma AL-18 fans.

Now cable management, the dreaded words for some. Personally, I can appreciate a good bit of cable management and with the help of a well-designed case, you can make your build look pretty slick. In the Torrent case, there are fixed straps (internal/external) for cable tidying and tie-down to ensure no tangling. We also have inbuilt into the case are cable routing grommets for that extra cable control.

Sleek and stylish

From an external filter perspective, there are two dust filters, one at the bottom and one at the top. These easy-to-clean filters have kept my build dust-free and clean. All of this is great, but what else can you expect from this case?

  • Dedicated 2.5″ and 3.5″ drive mounts
  • 7 Expansion slots
  • Front Interface (1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio)

With a great amount of space and expansion, the Fractal Design Torrent case has a lot of potentials. Whether that’s in a budget build or a higher-end where you might get some use out of the 7 expansion slots and maybe even some water cooling.

Final Thoughts

With the great amount of build space and its brilliant airflow, this case moves right towards the top of the best case you can buy. Having moved from a Fractal Design Meshify C to this one I was skeptical about the cooling option, but wow, my mind is blown. It keeps everything nice and cool with no sign of overheating. Even with a nice toasty RTX 3080 graphics card whirring away at full utilisation.

The Fractal Design Torrent PC Case gets the Thumb Culture Gold Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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