Dying Light Platinum Edition Launched On Switch – Missing From EU Digital Shop

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Dying Light, the acclaimed first-person, open-world zombie survival game, is somehow a new Nintendo Switch release. How Techland managed to squeeze this massive game onto Nintendo’s console, I’m not too sure. 

Dying Light Platinum Edition is chock full of extra content on top of the 2015 base game. It includes the huge ‘The Following’ expansion, a new mode called Hellraid, additional quarantine zones to parkour around as well as a host of other bits and bobs such as weapons and skins. The amount of support Dying Light has received over the last 6 years is astounding. So it’s not surprising to see the Switch edition getting loads of love too.

It should be clear by now that this isn’t some ‘lazy port’. As well as the huge amount of content there’s also been improvements to take advantage of The Switch’s hardware. Some new features implemented include touchscreen controls, HD Rumble, motion controls and gyro controls.

Maybe this is your first time with Dying Light, or maybe you’re a die-hard fan counting down the days until Dying Light 2? Either way, Dying Light Platinum Edition looks like a phenomenal achievement and should contain hundreds of hours of gameplay. This looks easily as impressive as the Switch port of The Witcher 3. What is it about these Polish developers that allow them to get these mammoth titles onto the Switch?

Here’s the kicker though – if you want to download the game, you might run into some issues. This is because the game’s banned in Germany and because the Switch’s digital storefront is ‘technically’ located in Germany – no one in the UK or anywhere else in Europe can download it.

We’ve been told that Techland is working on this availability issue – so be sure to check out the Switch’s store page for confirmation. 

So I guess the only option for UK gamers right now is to buy the physical edition.

Here’s the trailer for Dying Light Platinum Edition – if you need any more convincing for this new Nintendo Switch release;

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