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Day 15 on our list of 31 Horror video games hosts one of my personal co-op online horror titles. That title is Phasmophobia, developed and published by Kinetic Games and available on Steam. It was originally released last year, however this year it seems to have only grown in popularity.

I am all about that van life! It’s way safer!

So what is Phasmophobia? Essentially you and your friends team up at a chosen location with your equipment and you have to figure out what the ghost is that is haunting said location. Sound easy right? WRONG! To start off with you need to make sure that the friends you chose aren’t going to run off and leave you, this will more than likely lead to death in the game. Secondly, you need to make sure you take the best equipment with you that you can afford. Each time round you earn more money, thus enabling you to take in better equipment the next time around. This is everything from crosses, to cameras and salt. Using your journal and the spooky things you see, you then have to put your detective work to the test. Ticking off what you have picked up, this will then help you decide whether or not its a poltergeist or a bunny (I wish).

Get in the van!!

So what is so great about this game? Firstly, the developers have really pulled out the stops lately making Phasmophobia even better, improving the graphics and in-game content they have upped it to a whole new level. This means there must be a good roadmap ahead with some class content available (fingers crossed).  Secondly, there aren’t many games out there that provide this level of entertainment which are co-op and provide amazing gameplay. Phasmophobia is also available on VR. This I haven’t tried yet, however, I imagine I would get VR sickness due to the movement and probably be scared stupid.

So have you checked out Phasmophobia yet? If not I highly recommend that you do, if you love a jump scare then this is the title for you. Alternatively, if you have played it recently, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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