Dream Cycle Hits Early Access

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Tomb Raider creator Toby Gard’s ambitious project invites players to be a part of the development by exploring the unknown within the Dreamlands.

This all looks very familiar.

Dream Cycles is an ever-expanding adventure through a cursed, shattered dimension. You take control of Morgan Carter. An arcane apprentice whose essence has been stolen by her Uncle Randolph Carter. After discovering that her path to the waking world has been obscured by dark magic, Morgan must venture into the Dreamlands to purge the realm of corruption. Recover her own powers, and thwart Randolph’s sinister plans to become a god.

Once each adventure’s goal has been reached, the darkness will subside and rewards will be granted. Allowing Morgan to claim new abilities and players to change up their strategy with each and every victory.

When entering the Dreamlands you will venture through 10,000 map shards and pursue a series of objectives, from locating mysterious anomalies to facing off against the vicious Eidolon. Cathuria Games and Raw Fury look forward to developing a thriving community where player feedback can help make Dream Cycle an even more sprawling and varied adventure. Updates will be heavily influenced by player responses, who will help shape and expand on spells, perks, stories, and more. The game’s roadmap will be shared and continually updated on the Steam Community page.

Some of the key features in Dream Cycle include ten thousand unique map shards to explore at launch. An array of weapons, spells, and perks to unlock and equip. Flexible mechanics allow you to go in guns blazing or take the stealthy approach. A fully-voiced story with room to grow. Also, there’s an original soundtrack by Tomb Raider composer Nathan McCree. Dream Cycle is available now on Steam Early Access. Players can pick up the game at a special 15% launch discount.

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