Dollhouse Coming To Nintendo Switch This October

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Dollhouse is coming to Nintendo Switch this October.

Dollhouse is a Film Noir video game that gives off a mysterious atmosphere. You will step into the mind of Marie, a detective who is trying to unravel her past memories, piece by piece. The main feature it revolves around is called ‘Focus’ and this enables you to see through the eyes of your pursuer. It truly is a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Well, this isn’t creepy.

You try to escape your pursuer all while deciphering the eerie story of your past. The game lets you customize and upgrade your character with over 40 abilities and passives. You have the ability to scan out the environment and see through the eyes of your pursuer. Investigate randomly generated maps where no restart is the same. Also, experience the horror with HD rumble with gyroscope camera and touch screen controls.

Dollhouse also gives you the feature of touch screen which is something we’re really looking forward to. Gives you more of a hands-on approach to the horror itself. The HD rumble comes into effect as it simulates the player’s heartbeat when ‘it’ is close and more extensive when ‘it’s’ chasing you. You can also choose to make use of the console’s gyroscope to control the game’s first-person camera.

So with Dollhouse Coming To Nintendo Switch This October. Will you be picking it up? I know I for one will as I’m a huge horror fan and it comes in time just for Halloween. Maybe even some of the Thumb Culture team will be getting in the Halloween mood and also be scaring themselves senseless. Either way, we would love to know what you think about this upcoming psychological horror so don’t be scared to leave a comment. It’s not Halloween yet right?

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