Banners of Ruin out now on PC and Nintendo Switch

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Banners of ruin launched on Steam in early access on the 30th of July last year.  One day shy a year later and it is now officially released on GOG, Epic, Steam, and now Nintendo Switch too!

Since early access Banners of Ruin has changed quite a bit with thanks to all the beta testers and supports giving feedback, the developer’s Monte Bearo have been able to modify and shape the experience into a more positive one thanks to the feedback provided.

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Below I will leave a list of what the developers have stated in their full version 1.0 release (You can find the full notes here), and what has changed since the initial Early Access launch.

    • A whole new progression system for unlocking new characters and cards.
    • Each race now has its own unique ability that fundamentally changes the gameplay.
    • An entirely new End Game, which you can access by completing the three “Informant Tasks” in each street. This changes the course of your run, and unlocks the final 2 bosses of the game! (More on this below).
    • Card Upgrade Tokens, which apply additional effects after playing a card.
    • End of Street Elite variants and several new enemies.
    • So much new art! We even got a fancy cutscene in there!
    • The Stash system, so you can hold onto Weapons and Armour for later use, and swap at any time.
    • Over 20 new Scenarios, including some that let you recruit new characters, take on missions or let you swap equipment at the start of a run.
    • Oaths! These difficulty modifiers will earn you more XP in each run, and also drastically impact gameplay.
    • Full Controller Support!
    • A total of over 300 cards and Passives, and a Compendium to view them all!

To encourage players to give Banners of Ruin ago, there is a 20% sale across all platforms until August 12th. Also, if you own Legend of Keepers you will be eligible for 50% off! Now that’s tempting.

Will you be giving this one a go? Does it pique your interest? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. As always the trailer will be down below for you.

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