CS:GO Launches A $1 Million Contest

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One of the biggest ever contests in gaming is being opened up today (July 22nd). CS:GO launches a $1 Million content contest for artists worldwide. To take part, entrants are asked to create original and shippable, dream-themed weapon finishes for CS:GO. Each of the 10 winning entries will earn $100,000. In addition, teams of more than one person can enter the contest. If you’re feeling extra creative then you’re in luck as artists with multiple submissions can win more than one prize!

The theme of the contest is Dreams & Nightmares. You can check out CS:GO’s dedicated contest website to get an idea of the type of finishes they’re looking for. More importantly, you’ll also find all the small print about rules and entry requirements.

Entrants must submit their design to the CS:GO Workshop, and must have a non-limited Steam account (with purchase(s) totalling $5 or more). However, your account must be in good standing to enter.

CS:GO Launches A $1 Million Contest

Community created content is a huge part of the CS experience. The Workshop on Steam is now almost 10 years old. In that time over 20 million items have been created and submitted by over 5 million content creators. As CS:GO launches a $1 million contest, it’s clear their Dreams & Nightmares themed competition is designed to help further support this community. Above all, it’s really exciting to see the hard work of artists and creatives being recognised in this way.

The contest opens today and the deadline for final submissions is October 21st, 2021. CS:GO are providing a great incentive and an opportunity for content creators around the world. Will you be taking part? Let us know in the comments!

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