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Are you looking for a better solution to connect your Bluetooth headphones to all your devices? The Creative BT-W3 might be the dongle for you!

The BT-W3 – Small and Mighty

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This section could be summed up quite easily with the word Tiny.

This dongle is tiny, but it’s packed with so many features it’s a little marvel. The BT-w3 itself is a USB Type C, it does also come with an adapter if you don’t happen to have a C-type port. This enables you to connect to pretty much any device you might need to. The website itself posts that the dongle is compatible with Windows PC, macOS, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but depending on your devices you can also connect to a Quest 2 headset which I tested.

What comes packaged?

Given the small form factor of the BT-W3 it’s super easy to pop in your pocket along with your favourite set of earbuds and you have a total audio solution all complete in your pocket.

In the box, you are also given a small 3.5mm jack microphone that you can connect to your ps4 or ps5 controller and use as a microphone.


So diving deeper into the Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth dongle we find that it’s actually a super impressive piece of tech. With Bluetooth 5.0 giving an extended range of up to 30m, I didn’t test this to the fullest because I don’t often find that I travel too far from the source so having 30m is plenty of range to even pop to the bathroom midgame.

Adding to the latest Bluetooth tech, you will find a great number of codecs built into the BT-W3. The dongle itself will automatically give you the best codec for the device you are connecting. If you are unsure which codecs your device is compatible with just check out the manufacturer’s website and it should be able to tell you.

The one codec that performs the best is the aptX LL – Low Latency – this codec confronts what has been a problem in Bluetooth headphones in the past. Giving out-of-sync audio to what’s going on screen, however, don’t worry, with aptx LL, it reduces the lag to between 30-40 milliseconds. That time is virtually discernable with the human ear, and according to the site is between 4-6 times faster than the SBC codec.

Had to zoom right in to get this image….yes its THAT small!

If your Bluetooth headphones have a built-in microphone then a quick double-tap of the function button will activate HFP mode. Allowing you to make use of your device’s microphone and make a quick phone call or chat to your friends in-game.


Setup is super easy with the BT-W3. Depending on your device, just simply plug the dongle direct, or alternatively use the C to A adapter. Next press the function button for 2 seconds until the light flashes blue, this is pairing mode. Activate pairing mode on your device, and then that should be it. Your device should be connected via Bluetooth.

Final Thoughts

The Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth Dongle brings a hell of a lot of functionality for its small form factor and its relatively small price tag. If you are looking for a dongle to pair with your Bluetooth headphones, then you really can’t go far wrong with the BT-W3. The Creative BT-W3 receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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  1. How did you find the HFP for in game chat? I have a single ear headset with a mic i use exclusively for voice chat on ps5. I don’t use it for game audio at all. Will the adapter work well for this purpose in HFP mode? And will it stay in HFP mode by default or will I have to set it to that every time I turn on my system? Thanks for the tips!

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