Confirmed – MotoGP20 Returns This April

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Milestone and Dorna Sports S.L announced today that the latest chapter of the MotoGP franchise MotoGP20, Will be released on the 23rd of April 2020. It will be available across all platforms including Google Stadia. This will be the first time in the history of the MotoGP games that their title will be released a few weeks after the official MotoGP Championship kick-off.

The development teams have been extremely hard at work to bring you this new chapter and judging from the paper it will not disappoint. For loves of the game and the sport, MotoGP20 will have the traditional gameplay we all know and love, but packed with more strategic and realistic approaches to the races. In the hopes of creating the ultimate MotoGP experience.

The Strategy

MotoGP20 players will have the ability to take control of their careers like never before. With the ability to make decisions that will affect how you perform on the track. Bringing back the managerial career there are a lot of new features that will put you to the ultimate test. The strategy is key with this new chapter, the question is will it make you or break you.

The Experience

On the track is where it matters the most, you have to be the fastest to win the race. All of the detail counts and the wrong decision could drastically change your experience. In MotoGP20 you will take a key role within bike development. Before you know it you will know more about the bikes that you first thought. Every millisecond counts so make the right choices within the development to help you gain the title.

The development team worked really hard to make the gameplay much more strategic and realistic, with brand new features boosting realism such as fuel management, asymmetrical tires’ consumption and, last but not least, for the first time in franchise history, aerodynamic damages that will impact bike’s aesthetic and performances. Continuously looking for an extreme realism, the game physics has been completely re-worked to make gameplay more technical and skill based.

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