Attack on Titan arrives in Call of Duty

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Fans of the Call of Duty and the iconic and best-selling manga series Attack on Titan will be pleased to hear that Daniel Yatsu is coming to both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific as part of the games first major update of 2022!

This collaboration becomes officially available on 20 January, following the midseason update that also includes a new operator, a new SMG, additional Zombies content and a whole host of bug fixes (please, please fix the tier 100 skin you cant see past 35meters!!)

The Vanguard update will be available from 12 January at 5am (GMT), whilst the Warzone Pacific update follows at 5am(GMT) the following day. All ready for to go live on at 5pm (GMT) on the 13 January 2022.

Get your COD Points Ready!

The only way to obtain Daniel Yatsu is by purchasing The Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Bundle, for the pricey sum of 2,400 COD Points.

Within this bundle you get the following:

  • Daniel Yatsu Survey Corps Skin
  • 3 Weapon blueprints
  • Charm, Sticker and Emblem
  • Finishing Move
  • MVP Highlight
  • Intro Highlight

Additional Content

Other content coming in the midseason update is:

  • A new operator, Isabella, purchasable via he Wild Rose operator bundle
  • A new SMG, Welgun, this can be unlocked by either purchasing the Reserved Steel bundle or via an in-game challenge
  • Zombies updates include the introduction of the never-ending gameplay to “Shi No Numa” in the new Void Objective, four new ties of artefacts, 3 unique pack-a-punch camos, the introduction of the Combat Shield, Craftable Support Killstreaks, plus new unlock challenges for the Katana and new Welgun SMG.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific are out now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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