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Over at Thumb Culture, we love a bit of mindless violence and Chivalry 2 brings that in spades. We all got together and wanted to bring our thoughts to you.

Chivalry 2 Brings The Pain… And Chickens

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Dan says:

On first loading I was greeted with controls I thought was going to be too complex. But after the well guided tutorial I was battle ready. Or what I thought anyway!

The vast battles that take place on the various maps available are intense. Remembering to block, parry and dodge within seconds of each other soon becomes second nature. I must admit running around the maps with a chunk of sharp metal impaling and decapitating is not exactly relaxing. However, it is extremely fun and I look forward to the Chivalry 2 nights ahead with the team.

You will see this screen a lot!

Bert says:

Chivalry 2 is all-out medieval war! Whether its maces, clubs, swords, or bows you like to use, Chivalry 2 has you covered. Added from what the first game built on is the ability to pick up weapons, throw pretty much any projectile at the enemy, and hit them with the rest. Building on the grounds that the first game laid out, Chivalry 2 has been amped up in a few ways. The combat feels a lot more refined over the first game, but also very familiar at the same time. The same can be said about the gameplay in general.

Having spent quite a few hours in Chivalry myself, I can say you’ll be right at home with Chivalry 2. It all feels new and much of the same, which is never a bad thing if you have a winning formula on your hands.

Something went horribly wrong here!

Alfie says:

Chivalry 2, you need to get this! It is gnarly, brutal, thrilling and even more exciting when playing with your buddies. Get stuck in with games of 32 v 32 and attempting to capture a object whilst hacking limbs off of each other and then getting taken out by a archer. One minute you could be having a 1 v 1 and the next 4 other players come to finish you off.

Chivalry 2 is a action packed game that you will have heaps of fun playing. Definitely check out the objective based game mode if you prefer an end goal, or just go all out in the death match!

Stand with your brothers!

Martin says:

Whilst true to the first Chivalry, this game definitely stands out on it’s own. Some of the gameplay mechanics are brilliant such as one swipe of your mighty polearm could potentially take two, maybe even three heads off of enemy soldiers. Or arms. Or a leg if they’re jumping, I guess. The gameplay is brutal, be sure to block and be prepared for that riposte. That riposte could be the decider of whether it is yourself or your foe that will take the plunge. Speaking of taking the plunge, it’s great fun kicking enemies, especially after they’ve climbed up a ladder and you boot them back to whence they came.

The graphics on the PS5 version are incredible. The detail is phenomenal whilst still sticking to a solid frame rate of 60fps for myself, at 4k, I might add. Textures are real nice, just be sure not to stop too long to stare in awe at them. Otherwise you might be starting at a respawn screen.

Audio is pretty awesome too. Sound effects are brutal, especially with each swipe of the weapon that makes contact with your enemy. Not only can you feel it with thanks to the DualSense Haptic Feedback, but you can most definitely hear the thud of the weapon hitting your foe. Especially if you have a decent headset or speakers. Other effects match this very well, especially when you’re in the middle of a large battle and you can hear arrows flying past your head. Swords and axes clashing as your fellow soldiers fight for their lives. You get the idea.

The soundtrack is pretty fitting and decent too. The highlight in the audio area, for me anyway, is the vocal audio. Some of the comments your character makes when you use a battle cry are hilarious. “I’ve soiled myself and nobody cares!” is just one of them. Another funny phrase I heard was “Where has my arm gone?!”. There’s many of them, so listen out and prepare to laugh out loud.

It’s merely a flesh wound!

Stu N says:

After I played both the Closed Beta back in April and the open beta last month, I was so hooked I pre-ordered Chivalry 2 which I don’t usually do, but Why?

It’s a medieval chaos of fun with 32 v 32 players who battle each other in pure sword swinging in the hope you hit the enemy and not your teammates which doesn’t matter. It has so many cool action shots, getting stuck in the mix of the fight, you forget you may lose a finger to your teammate.

Though I prefer the objective-based mode rather than deathmatch (never personally been a fan of deathmatch modes) but even deathmatch has its moments of pure fun.

A bonus with Chivalry 2: Crossplay! Yes, you can play with your mates regardless of the system and, It’s Colourblind Friendly too.

So as you can see the team are definitely positive when it comes to Chivalry 2, enjoying all playing altogether and lopping off peoples heads.

Chivalry 2 receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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