ForeVR Bowl Quest 2 Review

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Are you missing the smell of that spray you get when you hand back those bowling shoes? Or maybe you are missing the overpriced food and drink at a Hollywood Bowl. Well, fear not because you don’t have to worry about any of that when you dive into ForeVR Bowl!

So are you a bumpers player?

Playing ForeVR Bowl on the Quest 2 is a blast, do you have what it takes to get a whole game of strikes? because quite frankly, we don’t. Hope you enjoy this review, if you do, then why not check out some of our other reviews for VR Games. Don’t forget to keep up to date with all our socials to find out more.


Whether you want to bowl alone, or with a group of friends, ForeVR Bowl has you covered! The first time I played ForeVR Bowl was with 3 others from the TC Team and boy did we have a blast. It was just like we were down the local alley, except we were in our own living rooms in our pants. Well the others were, I was fully decked out in bowling shoes, jeans, a collared polo shirt. I was ready for a night out. Honest!

Check out those legs….wait what!

I think the one thing that makes this game a great experience straight off the bat is the fact that you use your Facebook avatars that you can now create on the Oculus platform. Giving some humanity to your character, albeit just the top half of your body, just gives you a little bit of fun.

So once you hit the lanes you are greeted with an absolutely brilliant bowling experience. ForeVR Bowl gives you the freedom to bowl however you want. With over 100 collectable balls, or collecta-balls – sorry I had to go there – and each ball has its own statistics. Don’t worry though the starter set of balls you get are perfect for some nice relaxing bowling. Especially the gutter avoided ball. Once you get to grips with the mechanics though you will no doubt be hitting the lanes with your favourite ball. Alien head.. no problem. There is something for everyone.

The lanes are also widely varied with six alleys in total, a traditional venue greets you to start, but don’t worry, those of you that have that dream of bowling on the moon, ForeVR Bowl has you covered. Unfortunately though the gravity on the moon seems to be non-existent, but we can forgive that.

The Backstreet Boys made a special appearance.

Graphics and Audio

Popping on the Quest 2 you are never sure what to expect in comparison to the screenshots and videos that you see online. ForeVR Bowl doesn’t disappoint at all. With the graphics being clean and sharp even at distance you never lose that immersion that is desperately important in a VR game.

Using the Facebook avatars was a stroke of genius, as well as having random AI-controlled characters just dotted around the venues. Although these would have been better if they were actually bowling real balls, instead of constantly playing through a practice bowl. Even at the bar, there are characters that you can pretend to interact with. Although they seem to have that “leave me alone I’m with my friends” stare that I am so used to.

Who knew the moon would be so much fun!

Audio-wise ForeVR Bowl hits it on the head once again. With a great soundtrack to each alley, and the random sounds you would expect from a bowling alley. It all adds to the wonderful immersion that you experience when diving into ForeVR Bowl.


Quite frankly, how long is a piece of string? You can quite easily play through a dozen games without blinking an eye. Especially when trying to get enough coin to save up for that Dragon Ball. Time is a bit of a random concept when playing ForeVR Bowl. It certainly evokes that “one more game” mentality. Constantly reminding Jason that it’s his turn did get a little tiresome when we turned around and he was chatting up the bar staff.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of bowling and want to experience it from the safety of your own home then ForeVR Bowl is an absolute delight. Just ask Vicki P, the mother of the game designer. No bias

It’s an easy Thumb Culture Platinum Award for ForeVR Bowl.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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