Car Mechanic Manager 2023 Officially Announced

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News just in from Manager Games S.A. Economic repair game Car Mechanic Manager 2023 is coming to Steam for PC in, well, 2023.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 – What Will You Build?

One that’s sure to be a big hit with petrol heads and resource management game fans, Car Mechanic Manager 2023 lets you build and run your very own vehicle repair shop.

The core of the game will be based on a comprehensive repair system. However, the devs are teasing a wide variety of cars and specialist equipment that will also feature.  The creators are aiming to combine the best features of tycoon games and managerial titles with this vehicle-based enterprise.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023

Tomasz Sobiecki, CEO at Manager Games S.A. had this to say:


Car Mechanic Manager 2023 is a unique mix of the best elements of managerial titles and tycoon games. Naturally, the player will have a lot of freedom in choosing the right approach and tactics in order to achieve their goals, maximise their effectiveness and make the highest possible profits. The game will also feature many random events, which may positively or negatively affect the player’s situation

Develop Your Garage

Repairing cars isn’t all this game is about though. You’ll need to manage your employees and take care of the financial aspects of your growing business too.  You’ll have to consider things like marketing your garage and fighting for your share of the market. There’ll also be elements of fighting against the competition, as well as varied gameplay modes and scenarios to explore.

You can check out the trailer for the game right here.


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