Before Your Eyes Is Now Available On Steam And Epic Games!

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Before Your Eyes, the first-person narrative adventure from Goodbye World Games has officially launched on Steam and the Epic Games store.

Check out Stu’s review of Before Your Eyes here, where he gave the game a Thumb Culture platinum award.

Read the press release below:

Los Angeles, CA (08.04.2021)  Award-winning, independent game developer GoodbyeWorld Games, alongside Skybound Games, are proud to announce today that the emotional narrative adventure Before Your Eyes is out now on PC for $9.99 / £7.99 / €8.99 .  Before Your Eyes is playable in six languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Mandarin. Fans can buy the game right now on Steam (here) and the Epic Games Store (here).

In Before Your Eyes, players find themselves in the company of The Ferryman, tasked with locating souls who have lived extraordinary lives and transporting them to the afterlife. While sailing to their ultimate destination, players must reflect on the character’s life, the meaningful choices they made, and the moments that defined who they were.

All of this is controlled through the eyes of the player. Utilizing a webcam, the player’s glances and blinks will drive the narrative journey in Before Your Eyes. Literally experiencing the events of the game through the character’s eyes, players are able to view each memory and control important choices throughout the story. It is often said that life passes by in the blink of an eye and Before Your Eyes aims to capture that experience in an organic and authentic way to immerse players within the story.

Before Your Eyes is a gaming experience like no other – sailing into unexplored territory thanks to its innovative approach to storytelling. Through a groundbreaking control method, Before Your Eyes is an intensely immersive and emotional adventure that is sure to find a place in players’ hearts and stay with them long after their journey with The Ferryman comes to its end.

“The team at Goodbye World Games used a unique mechanic to enhance a beautiful story, making a truly memorable game,” said Ian Howe, Co-CEO of Skybound Games. “We love this journey and the creative blinking technique, and are honoured to publish Before Your Eyes as Skybound’s first original title.”

“We’ve been in the game mines for so long, it’s a relief to smell the fresh air and see cracks of daylight as we finally share Before Your Eyes with the world,” said Will Hellwarth, Creator & Studio Director at Goodbye World Games. “We are extremely proud of the game we’re emerging with, and we hope gamers take a chance on something different. We guarantee it is like nothing out there.”

This game is getting great reviews across the board. Are you going to pick it up and play? Let us know in the comments.

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