AXIS Full-Body Motion Tracker Kickstarter Now Live!

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The AXIS Full-Body Motion Tracker Kickstarter campaign is now live on… well… Kickstarter of course. The Full-Body Motion Tracker from Refract offers gamers a full-motion tracking solution to play OpenVR, OpenXR, and SteamVR Games. This is out of the box by the way.

AXIS intends to give VR players unprecedented levels of immersion whilst playing VR games, Refract Technologies has told us via a press release.

The device will enhance your VR experience, whilst untethered from your PC thanks to wireless technology. It’s also very versatile in the fact you can add to your existing VR setup. You can also use it to add extra tracking capability to your current VR setup. The AXIS device does not rely on its own external base stations.

There are also nine sensors built into the device, along with a hub that goes on the body to track full-user movements.

It sounds very, very clever. It also offers full IPX5 certification for those sweatier VR sessions on games such as Beat Saber or Thrill of the Fight. Speaking of games, the AXIS device comes with a new VR game named Freestriker which is bundled for free with the system.

In Freestriker you can pit yourself against real opponents in digital combat. The game is a first-person full-body fighting game built from the ground up for AXIS users.

You can view the AXIS Full-Body Motion Tracker Kickstarter campaign page here.

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