Alien: Isolation coming to Android and iOS

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Alien: Isolation is coming to Android and iOS devices on the 16th of December. The outstanding game based on the Alien franchise launched all the way back in 2014. Now enough time has passed and technology has continued to improve. A game that used to only run on ‘cutting-edge’ hardware is coming to your phones and tablets! What a world we live in.

Touch-Screen Screams

According to publishers Sega, the game will be ‘without compromise’ and comes with all of the DLC. A staggering 9 pieces of content were launched for Alien: Isolation, and they’ll all fit onto your Android or iDevice.

I’m not too sure how I feel about using touchscreen controls to complete a first-person, survival-horror, 12+ hour game. The press release sent out promises that the game has been ‘tailored for touchscreen play’. It’ll also include a ‘bespoke, fully customisable interface [which] allows players to fine-tune the game to their own playing style, with gamepads also supported.’ 

Looks Terrifying

One area of the game I don’t have any reservations about is the visuals. Take a look at the trailer below to see what an incredible job Feral Interactive has done at porting this over.

So to all the fans of Alien: Isolation, I suggest you get yourself a copy of the release – maybe it’ll prove to Sega that a true sequel is worth publishing? The last game in the Alien: Isolation we got was also a mobile game – Alien: Blackout. That’s worth checking out if you can’t wait until the 16th of December!

If you recall, Alien: Isolation made it into our 31 Days of Halloween feature. Check out what Gareth had to say and go and take a look at what other spooky games made our list.

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