A Knight’s Quest Review – The Legend of Rusty: The Wind Breaker

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Remember the good old days playing PS2 era platformers? No? Well, don’t let that put you off as A Knight’s Quest is a fun 3D action adventure game developed by Sky9.

Now it’s plain to see that the game wears its influence on its tunic. You don’t need to be Impa to see that Sky9 are obviously fans of the Zelda series and have used that to help build a world and game influenced by the franchise. As you’d expect, you explore Regalia, a beautifully crafted world, collecting elemental weapons and magical powers from three Spirit Knights in order to bring peace to the world.

Hmm…looks a little familiar but still very pretty!


The game features many elements that you’d expect in an adventure game: puzzles, platforming, exploration and sub-par combat. Although these are conventions of the genre, they are still extremely fun. The puzzles weren’t too difficult and focused on logic in order to solve them. 3D platforming is always shaky ground and it is again here; even though the game includes many cool features, such as wall running, Rachet and Clank style grinding  and action set pieces, the platforming itself still feels a little loose. 

Unfortunately, my biggest issue with the game was the combat. It includes the Zelda ‘z-targeting’ system but it doesn’t feel too responsive and the attacks don’t feel like they carry any weight. The combat is more exciting in the boss battles, and these tend to require you to use the skills you’ve learnt previously to complete. A bit like a game featuring elf… however, generally the combat is a repetitive  affair.

The boss battles are fun and challenging!


Although the world is well designed and the graphical style helps to enhance its beauty, traversing the areas can get tiresome. I found myself pacing through the environment to get to the next objective as there wasn’t much to do. The enemy variety isn’t great. You get the odd Moblin type creature and then these massive wangs popping up from the ground.

The world is bright and colourful, which will fill you with nostalgia of the great Gamecube and early 2000 adventure games. The map has the sort of areas you’d expect in a game like this but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of stumbling upon these areas.

What does take away from the enjoyment is the performance. The game’s frame rate drops quicker than a prostitute’s thong on pay day. On top of this, the issues are also infrequent and frustrating, a bit like sex with the wife (the two comments are not related). The slow down, popping and draw distance is a ac concern, and makes exploring the world a chore.

A bit of Rusty and Clank anyone?


The sound design adds to the jaunty world created. The soothing guitars and plinky plonky sounds suit the environment perfectly. However, Rusty, the protagonist’s grunts are extremely repetitive making me want to pummel his face in to see if it helps to make a different sound. 


Focusing on the narrative, the game is genuinely funny. It has the charm of Albion and Rusty is reminiscent of Rincewind. His false confidence, endearing nature and clumsy antics will put a smile on your face and draw you into the game. The supporting roster is full of character and all add to the comedic tone of the story. You’ll want to explore the world and interact with all its quirky characters. There is plenty of content here to keep you busy, with its large story content and optional challenges.

The environments are varied and beautiful


Is this the Breath of the Wild fresh air you’ve been waiting for or is it a Link to the Past PS2 era adventure games? Is this worth your rupees? Can I think of any other Zelda based puns? Probably but that will annoy the hell out of you and only keep me mildly amused…

Anyway, I award A Knight’s Quest the Thumb Culture Silver Award! It’s a fun adventure game that will keep you entertained but is plagued by some technical issues. 

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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