Vigor Season 9: Stalkers 2 Year Anniversary Stream

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Vigor Season 9: Stalkers 2 Year Anniversary Stream. Celebrate 2 years of Vigor with a 2-year anniversary stream for season 9.

It’s a trap

Season 9 of Vigor is here and it comes with a bang. Bohemia Interactive is to introduce grenades to the free-to-play looter shooter. Which is going to cause some mayhem in a major way. It’s fitting to add such an explosive feature right now, as this week marks two years of Vigor. Communities across all platforms have made the Outlands the most exciting place to be. So the developers and will be celebrating with an anniversary stream on Twitch. All of the details, including a long list of fresh additions. One new addition is a new assault rifle, along with grenades. Players on next-generation consoles will also be able to get in on the action at 60fps gameplay.

Bringing 60 fps to Vigor is just the beginning. The possibilities that PS5 and Xbox Series X bring, allow us to create even better gaming experiences for our players. What we plan on doing next, is to use the additional power we get from the console to boost image quality.” Says Johanny Clerc-Renaud, the Lead Programmer of Vigor.

Also in Season 9, there will be Friendly Fire Disabled and New Rewards (Elimination Mode). One of the biggest additions to be added is the Czech Localization. Czech players will be able to enjoy the game in their native language.

“We wanted a Czech localization in the game for a long time because we are a Czech studio after all. The new team was especially passionate about it. We have been polishing it for the last couple of months, and we believe that the Czech players will be excited.” explains Filip Štastný, the Marketing & Brand Manager.

So who exactly are The Stalkers? Well, Season 9 introduces the hidden children of the apocalypse. Stalkers were born to survive in the Outlands, equipped with powerful grenades and the formidable A74-KSU. So grab a grenade and a rifle and get to it.

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