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Deck 13 has announced the release of Vesper. An atmospheric, adventure-platformer game. Created by Italian developers Cordens Interactive. Available now on Steam and GOG.

You take control of a small android, manipulating light, ancient machinery, and hostile robots in a colourful and eerie world. Navigating a post-apocalyptic land, your mission is to bring back the light in order to save your kind.

Mixing the gameplay of classic 90’s atmospheric platforming games with new mechanics. Vesper sees you take control of ‘seven’. A small android that has found itself stranded on an eerie planet. Once populated by a highly advanced civilization, now under the rule of hostile robots eradicating any signs of life that don’t belong to their network.

Vesper looks very dark and ominous

Facing many conflicting questions about free will, determinism, and more. Realising the struggle between life and technology. Use the Drive Gun to wield the light to overcome obstacles in your path, take control of enemies, and turn them against each other. Vesper offers a variety of different ways to solve every encounter. Allowing you to hide in the shadows, or engage enemies head-on. Choose the path that fits your play style.

Vesper is currently available with 10% of. Making it £13.99 on Steam and GOG respectively. Will you be giving this one a go? Let us know your thoughts down below. We will leave you a trailer as always.

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