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I checked out Unstoppable, a game created and self-published by Funnylocks Corp. The player will fight through dark offices and fend off against the infected as they try to escape after delivering a suspicious parcel. The game was released on the 11th of this month for Steam with the price of £10.99. Unstoppable’s Steam page emphasises realistic combat and unpredictable foes.

I don’t get paid enough for this!

Our main protagonist standing outside the a building. He is wearing a bicycle Helmet and red t-shirt. The text below belongs to the main character and is coloured yellow.
It was supposed to be a simple drop off.


In Unstoppable, you’ll play as Frederick, a courier tasked with dropping off a bioweapon at a corporate building called Pegasus. Once he finishes the delivery, Fred gets stuck on the upper floors and must fight his way down. The game is played from the top-down perspective, although the game is playable via a controller. I had issues while the keyboard and mouse worked fine. 

I have entered a room full of Infected. The main area is filled with desks and cubicles with some dead bodies laying around staining the floor with blood.
You’ll have to earn your meal!

You will start with your fists but will quickly be able to get simple weapons, such as hammers, batons, crowbars and a cane. Weapons do have durability and will break over time. There are ranged weapons in the Unstoppable, like Shotguns and Pistols, with a set amount of ammo. The game leaves loads of supplies scattered around, so there is no worry about running out.

Berserk mode and healing.

While you venture downwards in Unstoppable, you are bound to take some damage. There are two ways to do this; one is with Energy Drinks, which are found in vending machines and will heal large portions of health. The other is Pain Killers, which are scattered around the areas and will provide the player with a temporary slow regeneration. You’ll be able to increase how much you can carry over as the game progresses.

I have activated my Berserk and this has caused the room to give off red outlines and highlight enemies.
Lets go berserk.

Another useful ability the player will receive is called Berserk mode. Berserk mode activates by attacking or being attacked by enemies and will trigger automatically. Once Berserk begins, foes will move slower, and the player will heal and gain infinite stamina for a limited time. 


Graphically Unstoppable is rough around the edges. The animation of bodies and faces in cutscenes is very odd and buggy-looking, and the lip-synching looks very off. The overall voice acting ranges between ‘meh’ and awkward at times. While the lighting is decent, the textures look bland, incredibly basic and very dated. The level designs aren’t anything to write home about either, and the environment is too clean for a violent outbreak.


There are only four chapters to Unstoppable, and each usually ends with you facing off against a boss. The game wasn’t particularly long, and I managed to finish it in under three hours. 

This is the main menu the player will see before starting the game. The chapter is shown with a brief description of what will happen during the chapter. The background is the same image used for the Feature image.
A nice clean menu.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I found Unstoppable to be quite dull & boring. The game fails to make anything it says on the Steam even appear. The “realistic” combat is nothing more than simply hitting the enemy repeatedly until they drop dead. Reloading Pistols is too slow, while shotguns reload really fast. I found the Bosses nothing but a joke, especially the final one. They can hit the player with a wide hitbox while you do nothing to them. The game could add more ways to attack to help with this issue by giving players weapons they can throw or grab/push enemies. Unstoppables’ story is non-existent, and the key plot points are told at the beginning when selecting a chapter. The idea the main character is looking for a cure is false, and there is no information about why everything is going down and why this outbreak had to happen.

Although I didn’t enjoy Unstoppable overall, the game did run, and I faced no issues. I wouldn’t really suggest picking this up since the horror aspect isn’t really there, and that’s what caught my attention initially. This is why I’m giving Unstoppable the Thumb Culture Bronze Award.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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