The Survivalists’ Farming Update Now Live On Consoles!

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The Survivalists’ latest update is now live on consoles! Team17s survival co-op games’ latest update adds crops, combat changes, and more for console players.

The Survivalists’ was developed by SoldOut Games (Descenders, The Escapists, Zombie Army Trilogy) and released in late 2020. You can complete joint adventures, find loot, trade, and ultimately survive together as you and up to three friends can explore fantastical islands.

The farming update brings a plethora of new content. Take a look at a quick overview of the new features below:

  • Crop System
  • Dyeing Bench
  • New Structures
  • Fast Raft
  • Fishing
  • Raid Improvements
  • Taming
  • Larger Inventory
  • Group Pickup
  • Multitool changes
  • New Rare Resources
  • Combat and Stamina changes
  • Other adjustments and bug fixes.

You can view the full list and information on the patch note here.

In the full press release we’re told:

Thursday, 4th March 2021 – Team17 have today released the Farming Update for console players of The Survivalists, the survival co-op experience set in The Escapists universe. Already available to PC players on Steam, the update introduces crops, widespread improvements on the combat, and a whole host of changes following comprehensive and engaging community feedback.

The update lets players plant and harvest crops for resources (even rare ones) while new, dangerous plants can be grown as a defence mechanism. Monkeys can be taught to help with crops via the Monkey Mimic system, and there are new structures, recipes, and items to aid your arable adventure, including a faster raft to make island-hopping more expedient. Combat as a whole has been overhauled too, giving greater control over direction of attacks for more fluid fighting. Lunge and knockback changes have also been made, and stamina has been altered, leaving players less likely to be worn out during combat and harvesting resources.

The update also includes new dyeing and weapon benches, a grindstone for weapon improvements, net and fish traps, a refuse pit to destroy items, and new water and cosmetic features. For a full list of changes included with the Farming Update, check out the patch notes.

I am yet to check this game out properly, I have a little go on it when I had Apple Arcade on my iPad. Have you played and been looking forward to this update? Let us know in the comments!

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