The New War Coming To Warframe

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Digital Extremes has revealed a massive incoming update to their free-to-play game, Warframe. The New War will start on November 16th and will bring 30+ hours of a new story-based cinematic quest.

30+ Hours For Free!

To celebrate this and to prepare players for the incoming action and threat of The New War, Digital Extremes are introducing their first-ever limited-run Prime unvaulting program, Prime Resurgence.

This will give players the opportunity to instantly unlock or earn a selection of Warframe’s rarest and most powerful Prime Warframes, The Prime Vanguard. This will be on a rotating basis throughout the release of the expansion in December.

More information can be seen below about the weekly rotations and which Warframes will be available.

Weekly Rotations

November 16th Mag Prime & Nova Prime
November 23rd Limbo Prime & Trinity Prime
November 30th Mesa Prime & Hydroid Prime
December 7th Volt Prime & Loki Prime
December 14th Vauban Prime & Ash Prime
December 21st Oberon Prime & Nekros Prime
December 28th Saryn Prime & Valkyr Prime
January 4th Ember Prime & Frost Prime
January 11th Last Chance for Weeks 1 – 4 + Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime
January 18th Last Chance for Weeks 5 – 8 + Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime

You find out more about this at the Digital Extremes official site here. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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