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Bloober Team has given an update on the Psychological Horror The Medium. Launching on PlayStation 5 on the 3rd of September.

Making full use of the Playstation 5 Dualsense controller, The Medium gives you the following features and more.

  • Spirit Blast (Adaptive Triggers) – The longer you hold the trigger to build your spirit blast the less resistance you will feel.
  • Spirit Shield (Haptic Feedback) – When using the Spirit shield you will feel the taps as a swarm of moths hit your shield in various places.
  • Accelerated Pulsing (Haptic Feedback) – When Marianne holds her breath to avoid detection the feedback within the controller will accelerate as she struggles for breath.

Add these features along with the controller speaker responding to the sounds of items or devices used within the game. The lightbar surrounding the touchpad will flash when a monster is nearby. This recreates the effect given by your torch in the game.

All of these enhancements add to making The Medium a more complete experience.  Make sure to follow us on Social media using the links below.  Let us know in the comments section what you think of these features for PS5 and if you are excited for the release.

Check out the full Dualsense overview in the video below

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