The Legend of Evil Review – Evil Dresses in a Suit!

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It’s ok to root for the bad guy, at least this is what Legend of Evil is telling us. Your job, as Bill, is to bring home the apocalypse, in style, with a dark legion at your disposal. Be careful though, being evil isn’t as easy as you’d expect!


Legend of Evil is a single player, side-scrolling strategy tower-offense game and comes armed with two games modes: Campaign Mode and Rogue Conquest Mode.

Having played many a tower defense game, it’s a nice spin to instead be playing a tower offense game! Coupled with having a time limit, as well as it being played as a side-scroller vs. the typical top-down. It adds an incredible dimension to the genre, something that boasts very well on the Nintendo Switch.

The Campaign Mode is incredibly challenging and if like me, you’re not a God! Then you’ll likely have to play each level a few times before you vanquish the do-gooders. In this mode you’re able to upgrade your towers, which will initially improve soul generation, as well as monster spawn speed. Once you progress through the levels you’ll unlock new tower upgrades, as well as monsters, which will each respectively increase in cost as your upgrade. During the heat of battle your main role will be to swap out your monster towers to their advantage against the humans, as well as dash across the level in search of dig sights (which are noticeable by their glowing hue), unearthing these will reward you with additional souls.

In Rogue Conquest Mode you get to pick your demon master to take into the fray, there a wide range of playable characters to choose from. This is very much the role-playing game scenario. You defeat a wave of enemies to crush their base throughout 8 stages. On completion of a level you’ll level up the monsters in your possession, which will eventually lead to customising their upgrades once they reach their respective milestones. Once you lose all three lives, you’ll need to start from Stage One again, however you’ll start with a randomly generated monster.

Be wary, not all monsters fair well in the given environment. So make sure to utilise the monsters that best suit the environment you’re in, otherwise you may be surprised by the impact!


Legend of Evil runs beautifully on both docked, as well as hand-held. Personally I prefer the experience in hand-held as it suits the graphics style better, for me. I noticed no issues from frame rate dips, even when the level was inundated with enemies. The game has been masterfully put together. I noticed no issues with graphical glitches or black holes during my play experience, which is a testament to the developers hard work.

The pixelated graphics are consistent throughout, and it causes you to focus intently on the gaming experience, which is a big plus! Graphic’s often dictates the feel of a game, where as with Legend of Evil we’re focusing on the most important aspect, the game play.


The background music is reminiscent of the old school NES / Sega Mega Drive games I used to play and it adds a lot to the experience of the game. It perfectly suits playing the bad guy and trying to lay waste to your foes.


I’ve sunk a few hours into the game already, and can’t see myself slowing down. Given the challenge of the game, it’s definitely the type of title to keep you coming back for more. Each level provides you with a few minutes to complete, so it’s perfect for pick up and play style – possibly for a quick journey on a train / bus. I assure you that time will disappear in a blink of an eye playing this!

I particularly enjoyed the Rogue Conquest mode, due to its role-playing edge, however both game modes add enough diversity to keep you mesmerised for hours.


Springloaded have created an enjoyable pickup and play during those mundane journeys in your day, within Legend of Evil. Taking down the scourge of humans never felt better and with its challenging difficulty, be prepared to spend countless hours trying to complete the Campaign Mode or finally vanquish the eight stages of the Rogue Conquest Mode! I will not be putting this game down, until I complete the challenges that lay ahead.

The only area lacking would be the opportunity to play against your friends locally, or online. This will add an extra dimension to an already enticing game, as well as provide that extra diversity in gameplay.

Disclaimer: We received a digital code to carry out this review

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