The Last Oricru A Co-op RPG Where Choices Matter!

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Shipwrecked and confused

Prime Matter and GoldKnights are pleased to announce the first glimpse at their new gameplay venture The Last Oricru. Taking place in the sci-fi/Medieval world of Wardenia, you take the role of “Silver”.
Shipwrecked on a mysterious planet years ago, you awaken from your cryo-chamber unsure of what burdens and mystery await. The players will be able to directly impact the outcome of the game through their actions and decisions.

So this is what “Sci-fi/Medieval” looks like


Players will find themselves in the middle of a massive civil war over the supremacy of the planet Wardonia. Tough combat, melee fights, and a dark conspiracy have turned the once peaceful area into a battlefield. Choose your own path with your own allies, or betray them as you see fit. The last Oricru is designed as both a single-player and co-op experience, so no matter your preferred way of playing you will have a blast.

What are your thoughts on this small preview? Be sure to let us know down in the comments. I will leave the overview trailer below for you all to feast your eyes on.

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