The Games We Struggled Most With In 2020

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The year 2020 was a funny old year.  For many, it was a time of solidarity and unification in the fight against COVID-19. Thank you to all key workers and NHS, you have done and are doing an amazing job.  But for others, it was a time to reconnect with our loved ones – video games.  As we were told to stay at home, we whittled away countless hours on video games.  So here we have a list of The Games We Struggled Most With In 2020.

While the real world was falling apart around us, we tapped into that ever-growing backlog to escape.  To escape to worlds of pure joy and elation, where there is no death, only happiness.

Well, as it turns out there was a hell of a lot of death and we kept on going back for more.  The folks over at comparethemarket have analysed data from Google referring to gaming guides, tips, and walkthroughs and complied a top 10.  You can find the original link here.  So what are you expecting to see?  Starting from number 10, let’s take a look at The Games We Struggled Most With, and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

10 – Resident Evil 2 (2019) – 293,250 Searches

Resident Evil 2 is the highly acclaimed remake of the game of the same name from 1998 and is Capcom’s flagship franchise.  I can’t say I am overly surprised with this entry, I found this to be a bit of a head-scratcher at times as well.  I simply wasn’t invested enough in the game to even want to finish it.  The game itself isn’t particularly long, clocking in at around 9 hours give or take to finish it.

But, there are the trophy hunters out there.  If you are going for that elusive platinum trophy or 1000G, you will be looking at 4-6 playthroughs.  Not only will you have to beat the game, but also beat the game on hardcore difficulty with both characters.  Also, you will have to beat the game with an S-rank, again with both characters.  As I am not a fan of replaying games, this is one platinum I am definitely not interested in going for.

9 – Dark Souls III (2016) – 308,280 searches

Well, it didn’t take long to get to a FromSoftware game, did it?  It will also come as no surprise that this is not the only FromSoftware game on this list.  I think it is far to say, that even our grandparents have heard about how hard these games are.  And to complete this game 100%, you will need a lot of time and even more patience.  But, we gamers are gluttons for punishment to the point it feels like our own souls are being torn from our physical being.

Too 100% Dark Souls III, you will need to finish the game three times.  One standard playthrough, again on New Game+, and again on New Game ++.  Not only do you have to kill ALL the bosses, collect all the rings, but you need to see all three endings as well.  If you like being ripped apart from the inside out each time you turn a corner, go for it.  Considering how hard this game can be, the percentage of players who have the platinum trophy is quite high at 17.5%

8 – Bloodborne (2015) – 318,700 searches

So, here we are again, another title from FromSoftware.  Bloodborne offers a more streamlined experience when compared to its Dark Souls brethren.  This invites new players into the genre to be murdered over and over again.  Streamlined doesn’t make it any easier though.  It still pushes you to the edge of your own sanity sometimes.  This was a bit like Resident Evil 2 for me.  I got to Yarnham, got fed up being maimed, and just deleted the game.

I have since considered going back to it because generally, I do like a challenge.  But I also like to enjoy my games.  Until that day, it will remain at the bottom of my backlog.  What is quite astonishing though is people are still looking up tips on a game that is six years old this year.

7 – Red Dead Redemption II (2018) – 333,700 searches

Saddle up, because this is going to be a long ride.  Red Dead Redemption II may not be the biggest game in terms of km2 but there is so much to discover.  Here we have a prequel to the first game which was released in 2010.  You don the boots of outlaw Arthur Morgan, and embark on a journey of exploration, making new friends, and new enemies.

I can imagine this volume of searches has been carried out by completionists.  The story alone can take up to 50 hours.  But there are a number of requirements for 100% completion which will take the best part of 150-200 hours.  Obviously, there is the online portion which is never-ending, but also finding and skinning every animal can be a bit of a chore.  Not to mention the side-quests and plethora of collectibles in the game.  Damn, it’s always the collectibles.  I wouldn’t mind if they added something significant to a game, but the majority of the time, they just don’t.  Understandable why only 2.26% of players have achieved the platinum trophy.

6 – The Last of Us Part II (2020) – 336,870 searches

My favourite game of 2020, but I am surprised to see it here in the first place, let alone higher than Dark SoulsThe Last of Us II takes everything from the award-winning original game and dials it up a few notches.  The brutality, the emotion, the storytelling.  There are a few ‘that scene’ moments that can make you feel hatred and anger, but also empathy and sadness.  It is a masterclass in writing, and with some beautiful graphics and additional quality of life improvements.

The game itself isn’t particularly hard, but I guess it depends on how you play it.  I’m all for the Solid Snake approach until I get seen, then I have to adopt the Rambo Style.  But there are some hardcore completionists out there who will play on the highest difficulty setting.  Grounded difficulty removes the ability to ‘listen’, enemies are deadlier, ammo and resources are a lot more scarce. Oh, and there is Permadeath Mode.  PERMADEATH!  Nope!

5 – God of War (2018) – 342,700 searches

One word – Valkyries.  These nasty little servants of Odin have been the bane of many player’s lives.  All of them are hard enough as it is.  You have to learn their attacks, most of which can be devastating.  That isn’t the worst of it.  If somehow you manage to fend off the first eight Valkyries, it really doesn’t prepare you for the final one, Sigrun.

Each of the Valkyries before Sigrun had their own signature attacks, you learn them and you answer them.  Sigrun however doesn’t have her own, she has all of the attacks of the previous Valkyries.  And how she attacks is totally random.  There is no set way of defeating her other than sharp reflexes, and you will most definitely need a Resurrection Stone.  I did this (without lowering the difficulty), and it was tough, but damn it was so rewarding!

4 – Minecraft (2010) – 344,000 searches

Minecraft has been put on everything with a screen since 2010.  It’s been 11 years, 200 million sales later, and people are still searching for help on it.  While Minecraft isn’t a hard game, it is massive boasting 900 million km2 which is almost twice the surface area of our planet.  That’s a lot of room to build and destroy.

With Minecraft being centred on creativity, I can only imagine that people are looking for new ideas on who to build, how to build it, and where to access materials.  With the recent move to VR on PSVR and Oculus Rift, this could be one of those that people will seek help with for a while.

3 – Terraria (2011) – 419,900 searches

Terraria, like Minecraft, is another game centered on crafting and creativity but set in a 2D environment.  Additional to the crafting element, players can expect to encounter numerous enemies and bosses.  Defeating these bosses may yield certain items to enable your progression in the game.

With the game procedurally generated at the start, you are literally digging an endless hole because the possibilities are only limited to that of your creativity.  Dig, explore, build, and fight.  The sky is the limit!

2 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) – 495,200

What an amazing game!  I didn’t gel with The Witcher 3 when it first released, open-world adventures weren’t my thing at the time.  But once I tried it again in 2018, I could not stop until I had finished it.  All other games were on hold.  There is so much to discover in a world that is deep in lore and beauty.

Monsters in this can be very tough, and using the right combination of signs, oils, and potions is key to felling your foes.  With the world being quite massive, exploration is definitely encouraged.  For the ultimate challenge you need to play it on Death March mode, and you need to do this as well as 100% the map for that platinum trophy.  Weapon durability is worse and the cost of repair is higher.  Low-level enemies are a thorn in your side from the start because they are everywhere.  Try Death March mode at your own risk!

1 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020) – 1,040,010 searches

Now, I know what you are thinking.  What is so hard about Animal Crossing, that over a million people took to the internet for help?  The answer is simple. Nothing!  Nothing is hard about this game at all, and personally, I don’t see the point in it existing.  But, apparently, 31 million people do.  I suppose if you want to get away from real life, this is the way to do it.

What we have is a life simulator where you can harvest and buy resources, build stuff, go fishing and visit your mates on other islands.  I can only assume that these searches relate to character progression as there really seems to be no endgame.  I think I know why it is so hard though.  It is a life simulator.  Life is hard!  You would think playing this, with its cutesy aesthetic would be a relaxing escape from the real world.  But no, it is exactly the same.  Actions have consequences.  You have to work hard and control your finances to get that golden flower in your garden.  So I guess that means that life is just a game?  Just with more rules and it depends how you play it.


So there we have it, The Games We Struggled Most With In 2020.  Were there any surprises for you, or something you think should have been in there?  For more articles written by me, click here.  In the meantime, keep on gaming, and keep on winning!

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