Super Animal Royale Activates First Double XP Weekend Today

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Super Animal Royale Activates First Double XP Weekend Today. Publisher Modus Games and Developer Pixile Studios announced today for Season 0.5. Which kicked off last month with the beach party pass. Now is the perfect chance to get some leveling up done with its first double XP weekend.

Did anyone saw a medic?

As of today, a 32v32 S.A.W. VS REBELLION mode will be added to the Xbox One consoles which were only available to Steam players. Squads of up to four players can load into matches and are then sorted into one of two teams of 32. There are either two goals in this mode to go for. You can either eliminate all the enemies or successfully hold 3 out of 4 of the flags around the island for a set amount of time. Whoever completes one of these goals is declared the winner.

The mode centers on themes from some of the game’s backstory. Where the Super Animal Worlds security tries to hold onto control of the park from a staged rebellion by a band of Super Animals. Just in case the double XP weekend isn’t enough to help you through the season pass. Then a new animal pass archive system will arrive in the next update. Will allow players to improve on previous season passes. So there are loads of XP going up for grab soon.

So what are you waiting for? Super Animal Royale Activates First Double XP Weekend Today. Super Animal Royale is available now on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. Later this year it will also be coming to the Playstation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. Xbox Game Pass holders also get the Founders Edition free as a perk.

Super Animal Royale isn’t your typical battle royale game. You can play as over 300 genetically modded little cuddly animals. So get ready to jump off the back of a giant eagle and do battle in a 64 player battle to the death.

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