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At Thumb Culture this year, we are looking to bring back more content to our video channels. Whether that be streaming or video content, this could be Twitch, or this could be Youtube. It could quite easily be a mix of both! The awesome team over at Streamplify have sent us some of their newly released streaming equipment to put to the test.

Keeping Streaming Affordable And Simple

Streamplify is not the word that entered anyone’s mouth last year. However, this year with the launch of their range of streaming equipment many gamers are wondering just how much Streamplify could help them. So join me as I take a look at some of what Streamplify have to offer the streaming community in 2022.


As mentioned above the team at Streamplify sent us over some kits to check out. But what is it that sets themselves apart from their competitors who already own the vast majority of the market? The comes in two parts. Firstly the cost, setting up to stream can be very expensive. For some brands, you are looking at way over £1000. Streamplify can bring you the whole kit for just under £380* (*at the time of writing).

Secondly is the complexity. Many brands go way over the top, and yes some of this way over the top kit does look nice. But if you are new to streaming and content creation it can be extremely overwhelming. Streamplify is making streaming simple. By bringing easy to use and easy to set up products to the market, long gone are the times sat scratching your head on how to get things working.

Video & Audio

Viewers these days, generally want to see you on screen. Whether that be for an epic unboxing or streaming It is always nice to see the creator. Streamplify has a webcam aptly named CAM. This nifty little number packs a punch with full HD 1080p recording at 60FPS and includes inbuilt software to automatically correct the lighting along with the focus. Ensuring that you have a great quality recording every time. Not only this, but it is extremely adaptable, it can be tripod mounted and also has a widescreen view and a 360-degree swivel. Ensuring that you get the right placement for you. The CAM also has a microphone built-in so if for some reason your main microphone bites the dust, there is a backup.


As mentioned above the CAM has a microphone inbuilt, however, we all know a standalone mic gives you clearer and crisper sounds. Streamplify has therefore brought you the MIC. This handy standalone microphone can be tripod/arm-mounted or standalone. As with the CAM Streamplify have tried to give consumers as much tech as possible without breaking the banks. With 2 audio playback modes, you have the option for full playback on oneway playback which is the gaming mode. With a high-quality recording quality, you can be off creating podcasts and video content in no time. Lets us not forget the RGB included which adds that little bit extra to your setup.


Lighting & Green Screen

From a lighting perspective, we have the LIGHT 10 and the LIGHT 14. Two different sized ring lights which can be put to different jobs need something to have more concentrated light, then the LIGHT 10 is your answer. Need something a whole lot bigger lighting and you have the LIGHT 14. Both of these lights come with a range of colour temperatures and ten different brightness levels. The upside to the LIGHT 14 is that it has a front panel that is used for controlling the light and it also comes with an IR remote. So it is slightly more premium than the LIGHT 1 but both give off great lighting for the project at hand.

LIGHT 10 and LIGHT 14

Now we come to what I was most looking forward to checking out and that is the green screen named SCREEN LIFT 1.5M. Green screens come in varied qualities and I have to say that this one delivers. At 1.5M wide this greenscreen is extremely well built. At the budget these come in at I was expecting it to be a lot less sturdy. The casing is solidly built and easily matches up to the quality of its competitors. With hydraulic lift arms and lockable front wheels, this green screen isn’t going anywhere.


Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed checking out the kit that the Streamplify team sent over. To be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be just as good as it is. Usually, at this kind of price point, you get a kit that lacks in quality and is very poorly built. However, I can safely say that the Streamplify Steaming Kit blew me away. It is perfect for anyone wanting to get into streaming or content creation, or even for those already in it and looking for upgrades. For me personally, it is vastly going to improve the quality of VR content. Not to mention the support team are really helpful. I, therefore, award the Streamplify Streaming Kit a Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A review sample was received in order to write this review.

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