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We recently took delivery of the Snakebyte Gaming:Seat to review, its the first time that we have had a gaming seat in the office. So lets not waste any time and get stuck in to the review.


A lot of packaging to take off, but when you do you are greeted with with the quality materials that have gone into constructing this Gaming:Seat. From the metal pieces to the artificial leather it all feels of good quality.


The construction of the chair is straight forward, the instructions included in the box were easy to follow and with the included tool you aren’t left struggling to find one of those allen key sets you got at Christmas.

In Action

Now is the section you wanted to know about, How does the Snakebyte Gaming:Seat actually feel? Well pretty awesome if i’m honest. So being lucky enough to work from home in my day job, I got to sit on the chair for a long time and test out the different functions of the chair.

So we have the following features, the ability to lay almost flat…footrest….as well as to move the arm rests up, down and in and out. So if you feel tired after a few games you can lean that chair back and take a well earned break.

The footrest is actually a really handy little feature, leaning the chair slightly back and extended the footrest gives you an incredibly comfortable seating position if you just want to chill out for a little while and enjoy your gaming.

With a nice padded seat area your rear end is treated to some nice comfort for those long gaming sessions. I could quite easily sit in the seat all day, although with the recent heatwave in the UK you have to make sure that you have longer shorts otherwise you might end up feeling a little bit warm towards the end of your play sessions.

Reviewing a chair is a difficult thing to do, because if you think about it, all you are reading this for is to find out how easy is it to setup and is the chair comfortable for extended periods. The answer to both questions is positive.

So what else is left to say? If you are in the market for a new Gaming:Seat you can’t go massively wrong if you were to invest in the Snakebyte Gaming:Seat.

My rear end gives this chair a Thumb Culture Happy Cheeks Award

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