Seed of Life Out Now for PC

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Leonardo Publishings new third-person, sci-fi, puzzle-platform game Seed of Life is out now for PC via Steam for £19.49 / €22.99 / $24.99. It will be discounted by 20% for a short period of time.

Embark on an adventure of epic proportions as you take on the role of the protagonist “Cora” as she navigates her way through the labyrinth-like world of Lumia. Cora is embarking on a mission to find a mysterious device called “The Seed” in order to restore life to the planet before it’s too late.

Seed of Life is a game about the persistence of life. A dying world ravaged by alien invaders that are stealing the lifeforce of the planet. Your only hope lies in activating “The Seed” an alien device capable of generating the essence of life required to save your planet from annihilation.

Featuring triple-A graphics with puzzle-orientated gameplay, and a massive world to discover. Are you ready for an emotional journey with Cora?.

What are your thoughts on this one? Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments below. We will leave you with a trailer as always.

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