See the New Trailer For KOA Staring Orlando Bloom

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From today, mobile free-to-play strategy MMO will allow new players to unlock Orlando the Nightshard for free for a limited time. See the New Trailer For KOA Staring Orlando Bloom.

We A Long Way From Mordor

In this new trailer, the Knight Orlando fights fearlessly against an enemy army in King of Avalon. But when his offence wanes, he needs to turn the tide of battle by ringing the war horn to enlist the support of a real-life Orlando Bloom who steps in to summon a dragon that turns the tables of the battle.

It was incredibly fun to shoot the new trailer of King of Avalon with the FunPlus team,” said Orlando Bloom. “Acting in medieval settings is something I’m pretty familiar with, but lending my likeness to a mobile game is new and it was a fun experience. I hope all the King of Avalon players wins many battles with Orlando the Nightshard!

Orlando the Nightshard has already become a fan-favourite hero in King of Avalon and we’re excited to invite new players to the game to enjoy the character too,” said Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer of FunPlus. “Orlando
marks the beginning of a new era in King of Avalon, through a renewed in-game art design, a brand new strategic mode called Tower Defense and a thrilling narrative that fans will lov

Get This Man Some Armour

Along with Orlando the Nightshard as a free hero for new players, Frost & Flame: King of Avalon unleashes other major updates in the game. This new version of the game includes a unique American-comics art style in the game, a new Tower Defense gameplay mode where players will have to deploy heroes and troops strategically to defeat waves of the Unmelted.

A brand new deadly enemy, as well as a new immersive world setting and storyline, where the Unmelted approach Avalon. These mysterious creatures covered in snow and ice, have attacked the continent of Avalon in the harsh “Long Winter”. Players will strive to lead various heroes to defeat the Unmelted and bring peace and glory back to Avalon.

In the new Tower Defense battles, players have to use the strategies of troop restraint, deploy different troops such as Bowmen, Spearmen, Swordsmen and Cavalry, but also heroes and dragons to unleash their skills to defeat the Unmelted when the difficulty level rises. In this new version, players also will have to build their cities in a brand new different way using new mechanics to assign jobs to their residents and restore their kingdoms after the attack by rescuing the habitants and exterminating the Unmelted.

Orlando Bloom arrives in King of Avalon with a blockbuster storyline that now is part of the lore of the medieval strategy game. The new hero was a famed and respected leader of the knights until the Unmelted appeared. One day, Orlando was attacked by the Unmelted in the Dragonshield Town, while trying to save others. Orlando disappeared, and a hero who looked like him but half-Unmelted was found. Players could explore more of his stories in the new in-game event: The Ballad of Orlando.

See the New Trailer For KOA Staring Orlando Bloom.

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