Sea of Thieves New Trailer Shows How to be a Pirate

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Sea of Thieves, developed by Rare, Published by Microsoft Studios, is due to arrive on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One X with no release date really specified except that we know it’s due to arrive in 2018 sometime.

The latest trailer shows off a lot of in-game footage showing real players enjoying the various different functions you can perform, such as shooting at skeletons, and other enemy player pirates, digging for treasure, drinking grog, being thrown up on (If that’s your thing), being fired out of a cannon, and much more. Graphically the game is looking wonderful, and we get a good long look at Rare’s incredible water system as you get to see the waves fluidly reacting to weather and boats.

The game is also going to be available in 4K HDR, and is enhanced for the Xbox One X and will be an Online experience. It’ll require an Xbox Live Gold account for console players and looks to only be becoming available on the Xbox Store and the Microsoft Store.

You can watch the trailer below.

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