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When you are looking for a new gaming headset, one brand you may not be familiar with is Sades. Today I bring you my review of the Sades Spirits 10 year anniversary wired headset.

Sades Spirits Is A Budget Friendly Headset

I remember having a USB wired Sades headset some years ago now and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and sound for a sub £30 headset. 10 years on, can Sades continue that nice sound whilst being easy on the wallet? Continue reading to find out.

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The design of the Sades Spirits stereo headset is kind of a run-of-the-mill design. However, you wouldn’t really see real fancy designs from headsets such as the Logitech G733 or Asus Rog Delta at this price point. One thing Sades is promoting with their Spirits range is the choice of brightly coloured headsets you can purchase. There’s a choice of 10 different colours, so if you’re buying, go wild and choose something that stands out!

On the left side of the headset, we have the common controls which are volume adjustment and a microphone mute switch. You can take a closer look at the images on the below slider.

As you can see, I was sent the orange set. They are bright! as mentioned the design itself was rather basic but comfortable. I didn’t feel like the headset was putting pressure on my head or squeezing too tightly to my head neither. The headset connects via a 3.5mm cable and comes with a Y splitter cable so you can connect to your PC Line Out and Microphone jacks on the back of your motherboard. Of course, because it’s a 3.5mm headset, it’s compatible with basically anything that you can receive audio from. PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Tablets. As long as you have a way of connecting a 3.5mm cable, you can use these.

Of course, some devices may need a converter from something such as a USB-C port, but that’s no fault of this headset.


The quality of the audio is okay. What we have to remember here is this headset is a very budget-friendly headset. You can pick these up on Amazon for around £20. For £20 the audio quality is definitely acceptable. Of course, when comparing to more expensive headsets, such as the Sony 3D Pulse it doesn’t compete at all. But it never would, and was never intended to do that. The 3D Pulse is at least four times the price.

You may need your sunglasses for some of these colour options.

Bass levels are not too bad at all, during some games gunshots and things such as melee attacks felt quite punchy. I was surprised by this. The only real letdown is I feel that the headset could do with some better levels on the treble side of things. If you have software for your motherboard on PC this would more than likely be OK as you should have some equaliser options in there, which would allow you to tweak it to sound a bit better. Of course on the console and to my knowledge on the handheld side of things, this isn’t an option, unfortunately.

The microphone is acceptable. It’s not too muffled or crackly, but at the same time, it’s not super clear, it will most certainly suffice for those of you who would only use it occasionally to chuck some abuse at mates… Sorry I mean to take part in conference calls.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned this headset does not give the best audio or microphone quality, but the cost most certainly weighs against that. If you’re looking for a headset for those long train or airplane journeys then this could be perfect for you. Just remember should you need a USB-C adapter to be able to connect it, you’ll need to purchase one separately. But as mentioned this is at no fault of the Sades Spirits.

But to answer my question I started with. Yes, Sades are still offering budget headsets that are most definitely acceptable at the price point they sell them for. I give the Sades Spirits a Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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