Roccat Mousepads Go Big in 2019 – XXL Baby What The Hell

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Mousepads, do you use them or do you not?

Back in the day when mechanical mice relied on a weighted rubber ball navigating across a slightly coarse surface in order to operate, a mousepad was essential.  Nowadays with optical mice you could argue that they are not so much a necessity, providing the work surface can reflect the beam back to the photocell ok.  So other than for aesthetics, do you require a mousepad alongside your gaming rig?

Well in short, yes you probably do.


Mousepads help to stop the small plastic/rubber feet on the underside of the mouse from wearing out when constantly dragging it across your desk.  Without a pad, the area you regularly use your mouse on can also become marked and deteriorate through the friction generated between the mouse and the worktop surface, which let’s face it, won’t make it look pretty.  Ever taken a look at the underside of your mouse?  That dirt that you see around the base is infact your muck and oils from your skin that has been picked up from the work surface.  This can have a detrimental effect on the smoothness of your mouse when gliding the cursor around and also create unwanted noise.  A mousepad will not totally alleviate the problem however it will keep the underside of the mouse cleaner for longer and the pad is a lot cheaper to replace than a mouse, or the desk come to that matter!

Sexy piping around the edge makes for an eye-catching mousepad

Roccat has kickstarted their 2019 by introducing two wide-orientated mousepads that have gaming at their hearts.  The Taito Control and Sense Vital Force mousepad series are already well know gaming surfaces that offer exceptional control and precision for your gaming mouse, therefore, these two new XXL additions are only a natural evolution to the Roccat mousepad portfolio.

Surely a mouse pad is just a mouse pad?  What is so special about these two?

The Roccat Taito Control XXL features a smooth surface with enhanced command, perfect for those who prefer more resistance. With just the right amount of glide and utilizing only the finest materials, the Taito Control ensures perfect consistency. The Taito Control XXL has dimensions of 860 × 330 × 3.5mm and is available for £29.99 over on the Roccat store.

The mid-size brother of the XXL Taito mousepad

The Roccat Sense Vital Force XXL was created by taking an ultra-soft cloth upper structure and treating it with an advanced, friction-reducing coating. It’s ideal for quick and aggressive mouse jockeying on both the x- and y-axis. The Sense is 2mm high and at 850 × 330mm will offer gamers more than enough space for high-speed combat.  The Sense mousepad is available for £27.99 on the Roccat store, with a new mid- size variant at 400 x 280mm costing £17.99.

So you wanna go large?

Ready to not only enhance your mouse skills but prolong the life of your mouse and your work surface? Then what are you waiting for?

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