Road 96 Launch Date Announced For Steam & Nintendo Switch

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August 16th sees the launch of Road 96 on both Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Road 96 is the First ever procedural story-driven game. Developed and Published by DigixArt you control the story as you decide to flee your home country of Petria.

Petria is a country in conflict the regime has made it impossible and the country has gone to Hell. It’s time to escape and head for the free world, you grab the last of the savings from your parents and stuff it into your pockets.

Cruise through the country in your balaclava

Hitchhiking your way across a thousand miles with one goal in mind, crossing the border ALIVE.

Along your journey, you will meet lots of memorable characters, learn new skills and discover secrets that may help you cross the border.

With an evocative soundtrack with tracks from artists including

  • Cocoon
  • The Toxic Avenger
  • Robert Parker
  • Kalax
  • Daniel Gadd
  • Volker X
Just a nice calm stroll in the moonlight on Road 96

With multiple endings, the game changes along your journey depending on how you play. Your choices influence the adventure, the characters you meet and the world.

There are thousands of routes along your Journey which will you take?


Check out the release date trailer

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