Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Review

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1960’s music blaring – check. Helicopters – check. 64 player US versus Vietnamese matches on a variety of interesting and unique maps – CHECK. Rising Storm 2 puts you in the shoes of one a range of different soldiers and classes with the aim of battling it out in an unforgiving and hard-core FPS where team work and communication is vital.

Rising Storm 2 Helicopter Fly Over
Helicopter Fly Over


Rising Storm 2 is a follow on PC only FPS title from the makers of Red Orchestra, a hard-core and challenging range of FPS titles which really does rely on good team work and not Call of Duty-esque run and gunning.

With the choice of two battling sides, both equipped with a variety of different solider classes, you are tasked with finding a class suited to your play style and then either attacking or defending points from the onslaught of the opposing team.

In the past few years, I have found myself attracted to these types of games more and more and with Rising Storm 2 and since purchasing and playing it, I have not really found myself not actually on it! It is an extremely rewarding game which really does punish you for not playing it as you should.

If you are shot in the right place, one bullet can kill instantly. Especially if someone is using one of the high powered weapons in the game, such as the Dragunov sniper rifle available to the Vietnamese team. I know this is the case as in one of my last games, I managed to find myself an absolutely perfect spot where I could see people rushing one of our objectives but I could not be seen or shot at.  Bodies quickly piled up from the enemy team as they were trying to rush into the objective but instead they were rushing into their own doom.

Rising Storm 2 Helicopter Gunner
Helicopter Gunner

Weapons feel powerful and there is a huge variety of different load outs for each class.  I personally enjoy a semi-auto marksman or battle rifle but a lot of people stick with the default m16 for the US or the AK for the Vietnamese. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, one being for the fully auto rifles being totally uncontrollable if shot in full auto, just as it would be in real life.

Working together with your squad and listening to your squad leaders commands is a must. Attacking an objective with another five of your team working together whilst other squads are attacking another objective is amazing when it all works as it should. Rallying up and then marking targets for your commander to lay down some artillery or napalm strikes is a good tactic to use, in an attempt to try and soften up the objective your attacking.

The game runs on a ticket and time system, if either of these run out then the game is over and either the team with reinforcements left wins or the team that still has points to defend. Attacking is difficult but with a good team is more than achievable and defending is pretty fun, especially if you can get set up after finding a good spot to keep attackers pinned down.

The game runs an account leveling system, so each game you play will contribute experience to leveling your account up. Every certain few levels you will unlock a host of new skin customisation options for your soldiers, which you can use to really differentiate yourself from others in your team.

Rising Storm 2 Landing in a hot zone!
Landing in a hot zone!


Rising Storm 2 actually has some very, very pretty visuals for a game that is not a Triple A title. I have everything turned up to max and the game is well optimized and runs perfectly on PC with no stutter or graphical drops, even in the most intensive fire fights.

The jungles, fields and the big urban towns are all nicely detailed and simply stunning graphical effects with the sun shining down through the trees and onto the rice paddy fields. Characters are nicely detailed and as previously stated, can be changed with customisable skin options which are unlocked as you proceed through the game and level up your account.


The audio of the game is something to definitely mention. Weapons all have a powerful kick to them and sound really realistic. As you journey through the battlefield, you can hear multiple guns being shot around you, all of which have a different sound to them, just making you realise that one false step could easily lead to your demise.

The music for the game has really been though about as well and really brings that 1960’s feel that all of the good Vietnam films like Apocalypse Now and Platoon all manage to do.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam soldier with an RPG


The game is exceptionally good value for money and you’ll agree with me when I tell you how much it currently retails for. Not being a triple A title, the game has managed to nestle itself into a very attractive price margin which really does allow anyone to give it a go. Looking around at different stores, the game is currently selling for an average about £12 or $15. For a game less than two weeks old, this is an absolute steal.

The longevity of the game is amazing as well, each round you play even if it’s on a map you’ve played repeatedly will have a totally different feeling and outcome to it. This is all dependant on how well your team work together and how well the enemy team works together. Every game is a challenge and if you beat the challenge, it is a genuine achievement and you feel you’ve really had a part to play in the outcome.

For all these reasons, Rising Storm 2 rises its way to a Thumb Culture Gold Award.     

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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