Riot Games And Secretlab Design New League Of Legends Chairs

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Riot Games And Secretlab have partnered up to create another set of gaming chairs. Inspired by League of Legends champions Viego, Miss Fortune and Pyke, the new collection drops this summer. The theme of the collection is ‘Ruination’! Designs pay homage to The Ruined King and the iconic defenders of Bilgewater. These chairs are perfect for fans of League of Legends’ rich and detailed lore.


Working together with Riot Games’ designers, Secretlab has combined the features of the brand new 2022 Series chairs with the unique aesthetics of each champion. Additionally, intricate embroidered details bring out distinctive elements of the champions’ abilities, lore and armour. Riot Games And Secretlab have collaborated closely on the Ruination collection. Secretlab co-founder and CEO Ian Ang explains:

“We’ve worked closely with Riot Games over the years to keep both pro players and fans comfortable, supporting the biggest regional leagues, global tournaments and each major milestone in the League of Legends universe with custom-designed seats. This meant we couldn’t go without creating chairs to mark the arrival of Viego and the Black Mist. Our designers enjoyed every moment spent immersing themselves in League of Legends’ rich lore once again to perfect even the smallest design elements and ensure our chairs faithfully recreate the spirit and aesthetic of their respective champions.”

This collaboration with Secretlab marks another exciting step for League of Legends. The world of Runeterra is now a global phenomenon. Alongside music videos, comic books and short stories, the franchise is expanding and evolving massively. In addition, an upcoming animated Netflix series ‘Arcane’ is in the works. The Secretlab League of Legends Ruination Collection marks the latest chapter in the game’s universe.

Check out the trailer for the Ruination collection here:

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