Redout 2 Launches May 26th

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Saber Interactive & 34BigThings have revealed a new trailer for Redout 2, announcing that it will launch in the coming weeks.

Redout 2  – Bigger and faster than ever!

Launching on May 26th the sequel to the critically acclaimed Redout, the anti-gravity racer promises to be the biggest and fastest in the series yet.

anti-gravity craft travelling at blazing fast speed in Redout 2
Blazing Fast Speed

Just like its classic Anti-Gravity racing brethren, Wipeout & F-Zero, Redout 2 brings together blazing fast speeds on insane mind-bending courses accompanied by a banging soundtrack.

The lightning-fast speed adrenaline action pits you as a pilot in the galaxy’s most popular sport, trying to master your skills as you take on your rivals in exhilarating races.

Key Features:

  • 36 unique racetracks – all reversible.
  • extensive career mode
  • modes such as Arena races, Time attacks, Last Man Standing and Intense Boss Battles
  • competitive multiplayer for up to 12 players
  • hovership customization with comprehensive options across 12 distinct chassis
  • dynamically mixed soundtrack based on realtime race data
  • photo mode to share your epic Redout 2  moments
Redout 2 stylised racetrack with multiple hoverships travelling at high speeds
Master high-speed Hoverships

At launch, you can strafe, tilt, and boost your custom hovership on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam/Epic Games Store.

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