Razer Kiyo Webcam Review – Lighten Up

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Webcams come in all shapes and sizes, and with the Razer Kiyo Webcam you get a sleek package with a great single feature that might persuade you to part with your hard earned money. Lets dive into this review and find out!

In The Box

So as always you get the Welcome to the Razer message in the box before you unveil the lovely Kiyo.

Whats In The Box!

The unboxing of a Razer product is always a joy and the Kiyo is no exception, you know you are going to be using a great piece of kit.


So when you first get the Kiyo out of the box you might notice something different about it. There is a great big light ring around the circumference of the webcam. This gives off an even and flattering light that helps to illuminate you without having a multi light setup. Plus turn the light ring and you can change the brightness so that the Kiyo illuminates in any situation.

Brightening up your streams

When it comes to resolution, you can either choose from 720p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps to suit your particular streaming setup. With it also being compatible with the latest streaming applications like Streamlabs or Xsplit you can keep making use of your favourite platforms whilst getting the best quality visuals possible.

You can mount the Kiyo on a tripod using the included base, giving you the ability to move it around your setup wherever you want, however with the base being manouverable, you are able to mount the webcam safely on top of your monitor, it will sit there with no problems at all, shining its light down on you.

In Action

So how does the Kiyo actually work during streams and videos. Well quite well actually. With its autofocus you are always at the centre of your footage. The light ring actually does a fantastic job at illuminating you without any harsh shadows or lights.

I even made use of the webcam to carry out some other unboxing videos and the footage is brilliant. To see the actual Razer Kiyo unboxing, just check out the video below. It shows off the camera on stream as well as the footage that you can get from the webcam.

The one downside with the Kiyo is that there is no built in microphone, so you will need an external mic if you want to pick up your audio. Im sure though that in your streaming setup, you already have this handled as webcams aren’t usually known for their high quality audio.

So overall the Razer Kiyo Webcam is a great addition to a streaming setup, with its visual quality being great not only in small windows, but also using full screen if you so wish.

The Razer Kiyo Receives the Thumb Culture Golden Webcam Award.

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