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It’s Quiz Time by Snap Finger Click is a party game that see’s you taking part in a…erm…quiz. Which is no surprise when you look at the team behind the game and read that they worked previously on the Buzz series. Giving claim that its the biggest quiz game on consoles…EVER! Let’s dive in and take a look at what is under the hood and see if It’s Quiz Time lives up to its Buzz heritage.


Essentially you are taking part in a quiz game show, but with a twist. You don’t use your controller, you connect your phone through an app and join the game by using a Room Code and then the fun begins. With up to 8 players being able to take part, you can rest assured that there will be some intense quizzing going on throughout the game.

It's Quiz Time - Categories
Pick your favourite category

When you start you are greeted with a number of options, however, Play With Friends and Play Solo are the main options you will decide between. Choose your option and meet Salli, the sassy and sarcastic AI presenter, that once you have created your profile actually can pronounce your name with relative accuracy.

So let me throw a few numbers at you now, It’s Quiz Time has over 25,000 questions spread accross more than 1,000 categories, so whether you have a great selection of general knowledge in your brain or just want to stick with one particular subject, you can be assured there is a question for everyone.

When you play the game, you go through six rounds, and these rounds vary from answering the question the fastest, quick fire mathematics to try and get the closest number, or my personal favourite round, where you literally just talk about your chosen subject. Sounds easy right? Well no not entirely, one round saw me talking about a Roast Dinner. The game has plenty for everyone to get their teeth stuck into.

It's Quiz Time - Party Poppers
Virtual party poppers…who knew!


The floating body that is Salli is well rendered, you can’t really grumble at any of the graphics on show during It’s Quiz Time. The backgrounds all change depending on what round you are taking part in and she even pops some party poppers when things are going really great!

My only complaint, if I was being picky, would be that the backgrounds are all pretty dark. It would be great to have some flashing lights to really get you into the competition mood.


It’s Quiz Time and its audio is where it really shines, aside from Salli being able to pronounce your name with decent accuracy she is also incredibly sarcastic. From taking jibes at the oldest member playing the game, to the shock on her voice when you actually get a question right after a run of wrong answers. It is a great addition that also gives some personality to the game and makes Salli have a dynamism to her that adds to the experience of the game.


With the sheer amount of questions and categories on offer this game could potentially last you a lifetime. With the live stream mode allowing you to take on up to 10,000 other competitors there really is something for everyone in It’s Quiz Time and it doesn’t hold back.

It's Quiz Time - Awards
You even get awards at the end of the game

You can really see the influences from Buzz and that definitely is not a bad thing. It’s Quiz Time brings new functionality with being able to play through your phone with the companion app, opening this game up to anyone that comes around for a cuppa.

So whether you are hosting a dinner party for friends, or just want to take on the solo game mode. It’s Quiz Time will appeal to everyone and anyone. I award It’s Quiz Time with a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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