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In conjunction with developer Rasul Mono, Ratalaika games bring us The Guise. Released today and available across all major platforms.

A dark Metroidvania fairytale

At Thumb Culture we absolutely love an indie platformer and it is quite safe to say that The Guise will be featured over the coming weeks.

Holding onto his humanity

The Guise is not only a visually stunning title but brings a beautiful storyline. Evil has already won (I have to admit at this point it feels like we are playing a sequel that went wrong) you play as a boy and his guise.

An in game screenshot from The Guise, showing The Guise defending himself by attacking monsters in a dark eerie setting.
The Guise

Exploring the underworld and battling monsters using your beastly abilities. From the challenging storyline to side quests, The Guise promises an eerie experience. Check out the below launch trailer to find out more and you can check out it out on Steam here.

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